‘Big Brother’ 18 Spoilers: Report Says New Season Will ‘For Sure’ Consist of Some All Star Players

Rumors and innuendo have been swirling about the internet regarding the upcoming season of Big Brother U.S., with many claiming it will be an all-star year. Unfortunately, this rumor seems to abound each year, just months before the show’s June premiere. However, since Big Brother has not had an all-star cast since season 7 in 2006, it seems to be time for CBS to bring back some fan favorites, and even villains viewers love to hate, to play the game and cause much-loved drama in the house.

There has been no official announcement about who will make up the Big Brother 18 cast, but the Morning Ledger reports the season will be attempting to bring excitement to make up “for the past season slump.” The report notes, “While the new changes are being kept under wraps, one thing’s for sure: half of the contestants will be all-stars, and that other half will be newbies.”

According to the Morning Ledger, Big Brother 18 will premiere June 22 on CBS in a two-hour episode instead of being a two-day affair, as it has been in the past. In addition, casting has reportedly gone “back to basics” when choosing house guests for 2016, the Morning Ledger writes.

Design & Trend reports that, although 14 people will eventually enter the Big Brother 18 house, they will come from a total of 30 potential cast mates, who must battle it out to become official house guests. Furthermore, rumors indicate the season will be called Big Brother All Stars 2, according to Design & Trend.

Former cast members have been fueling the fire of existing rumors and reports by posting tweets about an all-star season.

On April 7, Andy Herren, who won Big Brother 15, tweeted, “Apparently BB18 is half newbies and half returnees! Yay! This always works out so well. Oh wait…..just look at BB13. WOOF.”

Andy was referring to the season in which Big Brother brought back veteran pairs to play with “newbies.” They included Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from season 12, Daniele Donato and Dick Donato from season 8, and Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd from season 11.

Nonetheless, when @kasenmsanders messaged Andy on Twitter asking, “…Is the new big brother season going to be All Stars????” Andy replied with, “If you encounter me and ask if the new Big Brother season is going to be All-Stars, there is a 100% chance I find you annoying.”

Later, on April 30, Andy tweeted, “I’m at a bar and a girl just asked me if I’ll go back [to Big Brother] for All-Stars and I replied, ‘I won’t be asked back! My sister isn’t Ariana Grande!'” Clearly, Andy was referring to season 16 of Big Brother when the mega pop star’s brother, media mogul Frankie Grande, was a house guest.

Big Brother Access reports that on April 28, Janelle Pierzina tweeted, “Pretty sure #BB18 will be some sort of All-Stars! How exciting!”

Janelle is a beloved Big Brother player who placed third in Seasons 6 and 7. She returned to the game in Season 14 as a coach along with Dan Gheesling, who won season 10, Mike “Boogie” Malin, who placed eighth in Season 2 and won in Season 7, and Britney Haynes from Season 12, who placed fourth during her Big Brother season.

In addition, about a month earlier on March 21, Austin Matelson, who was a Big Brother house guest in 2015 on Season 17, posted an image on twitter depicting him with his fellow cast mate, James Huling, as well as the aforementioned Britney and Janelle. The caption to the image reads, “We have a major boardroom session going…,” which could imply they were discussing an all-star season of the game.

It should be noted that until an official announcement has been made by CBS regarding house guests and Big Brother 18, all of this is pure speculation, as prior to every season, rumors are filled with “default cries” the year will be “an All-Stars season!” reports Big Brother Network.

Whatever the case may be, anticipation for Big Brother 18 is huge and hopefully the season will live up the major hype out there about the game and the potential house guests.

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