New Findings On JFK Assassination Conspiracy: Did John F. Kennedy Watch A Home Movie Seven Days After His Death?

A man and his wife were compiling lists of movies that the United States presidents have watched and stumbled across something that would fuel the fire to JFK assassination conspiracy theorists. It appears as though John F. Kennedy watched a home movie seven days past the day that he was assassinated, Gizmodo reveals.

JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963, but allegedly, records show that he watched a video of his son’s birthday on November 29, 1963. The couple who discovered this eye-opening event gathered a copy of the log books from the White House.

The log books detailed every movie the family ever watched together, as well as a list of guests who attended. Paul Fischer, the former projectionist for the White House, clearly wrote that the president, his wife, and 20 guests attended the viewing of “Little John Birthday Party” on November 29, 1963.

Is it possible that John F. Kennedy wasn’t even assassinated on November 22, 1963? Perhaps Fischer was tired when she wrote in the log? Another theory could be that Paul wrote the log ahead of time because it was a planned event.

Unfortunately, we may never know the real story behind this possible JFK conspiracy theory because Fischer died in 2007, followed by his wife in 2013.

According to JFK Library, John F. Kennedy was riding in a motorcade when he was shot and killed in downtown Dallas, Texas. President Kennedy had plans to, once again, run for president. On November 21, JFK began his campaign in Fort Worth, Texas.

JFK was campaigning when he was allegedly assassinated on November 22, 1963
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JFK knew that if he wanted to have a chance of being re-elected, he had to win Florida and Texas. JFK was also aware that Texas held many feuding party members, as well as extremists, that would likely be present at one of his campaigns and could, indeed, jeopardize his candidacy.

On the rainy morning of November 22 in Fort Worth, John F. Kennedy, unprotected from the weather, made a brief statement.

“There are no faint hearts in Fort Worth and I appreciate your being here this morning. Mrs. Kennedy is organizing herself. It takes longer, but, of course, she looks better than we do when she does it.”

JFK announced the United States’ need for stronger defense, as well as its need to be “second to none” in space and economy growth. His speech warmed hearts that morning in Fort Worth.

Later that day, John F. Kennedy made his way to Dallas. It was no longer raining, and after a nice welcome and many hand shakes, JFK and his wife climbed into the back of the convertible behind Governor John Connally and Nellie, his wife. The vice president, along with Mrs. Johnson, climbed into a different car and they traveled from the airport to downtown Dallas.

JFK watched a home movie seven days after being assassinated possibly a new conspiracy theory
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When they arrived downtown, crowds of people were waving and showing excitement towards JFK. Unfortunately, the glorious day turned tragic after bullets struck and killed John F. Kennedy. They quickly took off to the nearby hospital in attempt to save his life. However, little could be done and he passed away at 1:00 p.m. on November 22, 1963.

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and charged for the assassination of the United States President John F. Kennedy.

It certainly does seem like a legit assassination, but how can the log books be explained? There are many theories in regard to John F. Kennedy’s assassination, but mostly about who actually killed him. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the government covered up crucial information. Some believe Oswald wasn’t acting alone and more were involved in the assassination, but it had never been doubted up until now, when the log books indicating JFK purportedly watched a movie seven days after his death have been uncovered.

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