If Elected, Donald Trump Will Be The Richest President In United States History

Anna Johansson

Now that John Kasich and Ted Cruz have both dropped from the GOP race, Donald Trump is assured the Republican nomination. It's looking to be fairly likely that Hillary Clinton will square off against Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Both have enough popularity to carry them into the presidency, but Trump has more money.

And if he makes it to the White House, he'll be the richest president in United States history. In fact, Trump has more money than every United States president combined, from George Washington to Barack Obama.

Bloomberg estimates that Donald's fortune has amassed more than $2.9 billion dollars, while Forbes says it's more like $4 billion. A document Trump began circulating in July of 2015 when his campaign started said that he made $8.7 billion, and the Donald himself stated during a campaign speech that he's worth well over $10 billion.

It's true that John F. Kennedy had managed to save up a handsome nest egg of $1 million in today's monetary valuation and that George Washington made $525 million according to the same standards, but it's nothing compared to Trump's fortune.

When you combine all 44 presidents in United States history, their net worth only totals $2.6 billion, which is billions less than even the lowest summation of Donald's fortune.

He certainly lives a rich lifestyle if his fleet of luxury jets and cars are any indication. He has an entire hangar devoted to his personal line of airplanes, jets, helicopters, and other aircrafts.

Trump is also not afraid to talk about his vast wealth with anyone who will listen. Lately, all of America has listened to his claims of riches as he runs for president.

His wealth has certainly been one of the most influential aspects of his campaign. Perhaps one of the most prolific factors that has spurred success in his campaign has been his funds. He's never been forced to rely on fundraising or PAC money to achieve his ends, and the funds keep coming, driving his campaign on to the very end.

[Image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images]