‘Bad Moms’ Star Kristen Bell Confesses To Her Real Life Mom Fails

The creators of The Hangover are at it again, but this time, the comic geniuses are turning their attention toward motherhood instead of bachelorhood, casting Kristen Bell alongside Mila Kunis and Christina Applegate in an exploration of what happens when a trio of young mothers trade in the responsibilities of parenthood for some fun and freedom. While the self-indulgent escapades in Bad Moms are created strictly for laughs, Bad Moms star Kristen Bell confesses that she feels like a bad mom in real life at times.

Bad Moms Hits Rock Bottom With A New Trailer

Mila Kunis leads a rebellion against the perfect mom society in her local community when she reaches her breaking point and embraces the concept that sometimes even the best of us need to break from away from our lives and just indulge in a complete meltdown. Joined by Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate, Bad Moms star Kunis leads the way down a road of escalating self-destructive behavior that is as much fun to watch as it must have been to create.

Parsed down to its bare essentials, Bad Moms is really just The Hangover for working mothers, giving this group of women an adventure of their own that begins with rebelling against creating the perfect bake sales and ends with bra shaming and binge drinking. Kristen Bell shines as the middle mom, the one who seems to be keeping the party going, though both Kunis and Applegate are just as enthusiastic in their debauchery, each in their own ways. If The Hangover was about making the most out of the last hours of bachelorhood, it might be said that Bad Moms makes the most out of destroying the perfect mom syndrome.

Bad Moms Star Kristen Bell Fails In Her Own Little Ways

Kristen Bell doesn’t just play a mom in the movies. The Bad Moms star is a real life mother to 3-year-old Lincoln, together with husband Dax Shepard, and she reveals that her cooking skills leave quite a bit to be desired, according to her daughter. For instance, Bell just recently made black bean chipotle veggie burgers for the family, and while she says she personally enjoyed them, Lincoln wasn’t raving about them.

“I thought they were righteously delicious,” Kristen says. “And I gave them to my 3-year-old [daughter Lincoln] and she said, ‘Without ketchup, these taste like Lola food.’ And Lola is our dog.”

That wasn’t Bell’s only failure in the kitchen. Kristen describes another cooking debacle in which she suffered a second-degree grease burn, and as she applied a bandage to the injury, Bell learned that she was allergic to the bandage’s adhesive. The Bad Moms actress says the rash created by her allergic reaction to the adhesive was worse than the burn.

While Kristen Bell may not be the greatest culinary artist, she says she does love being a mom to her children. Kristen says that, while her Bad Moms character may be wishing for a return to life without children, Bell, herself, is enjoying everything about raising her own children. She says she adores them so much that she hates to be apart from them, even while they sleep.

“Every morning when I wake my girls up, even when they’re screaming [and] crying, I’m just happy,” says Bell. “I like their breath and how their skin smells. I sneak in their room at night and smell them!”

One thing Bell does have in common with the Bad Moms characters is her trouble with being punctual. Kristen reveals that she’s almost always late and she says struggling with getting the children to dress themselves is only a part of the problem.

“I’m not good at judging how quickly the clock moves,” Ms. Bell says. “By the time I’m 40, I’ll learn to tell time.”

Bad Moms, starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Christina Applegate hits theaters on July 29.

[Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]