Brandi Glanville Praises Eileen Davidson For Calling Out Lisa Vanderpump, Calls Lisa Rinna ‘Bats**t Crazy’

The final part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 reunion show included a video message from a former housewife. Part 3 of the reunion show, which aired on Tuesday night, showed Brandi Glanville giving the current cast her thoughts and opinions via a taped video. As usual, Brandi didn’t hold back when telling the housewives what she thought of them. In particular, Brandi lashed out at Lisa Vanderpump, proclaiming that Lisa V. is indeed manipulative. Brandi also had strong words for Lisa Rinna, whom she deemed “bats**t crazy.” Yet there was one person whom Brandi praised: Eileen Davidson.

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The taped video message showed Brandi sitting in a chair with a wine glass in hand. She proceeded to tell the housewives what she thought of them from what happened this past season. To Kyle Richards, Brandi said that she sees good in her but that she’s a different person when she’s around Lisa V. To Kathryn Edwards, Brandi congratulated her on having an attractive, younger husband.

Brandi then apologized to Eileen. Brandi, who threw a glass of wine at Eileen’s face on Season 5, praised Eileen for calling out Lisa V. Brandi then told Eileen that she needs to help Lisa R. out with her hair.

“I want to say I’m sorry to Eileen. I really didn’t think you had it in you to man up and call BS on LVP. And your hair looks amazing this season. I don’t know who’s doing it now but you need to get Rinna on that bandwidth.”

Brandi also thinks that Lisa R. needs some new lines. Brandi told Lisa R. to stop telling people to own up to their behavior. Brandi also had some colorful language to describe Lisa R.’s personality.

“Rinna, the truth is you’re not bipolar, you’re just like seriously nuttier than squirrel s**t, like bats**t crazy. I’m so sick of you saying ‘own your s**t’ and deflect[ing], you can’t say that anymore.”

As the scene aired, Lisa R. made clear that she wasn’t impressed by Brandi’s message to her.

Eileen wasn’t the only person Brandi praised in her video message. Brandi also praised Erika Girardi. As it was with Eileen, Brandi made it clear that she likes Erika because of how she called out Lisa V.

“I knew I loved Erika the second she called Lisa [Vanderpump] a sniper from the side because she is on point and it only took me five years to figure that out. Like, literally knew in a second and read that b**ch.”

When it came time to Lisa V., Brandi proclaimed that she acted as her puppet and was manipulated by her.

“Lisa Vanderpump. You are genius obviously, um, at changing the narrative. You were, unfortunately, a puppeteer for me. You manipulated me and I did do your dirty work for you and I’m sorry for that and that will never happen again.”

With the exception of Yolanda Foster, all of the housewives actually looked uncomfortable when Brandi Glanville’s message was played. Not surprisingly, Lisa Vanderpump had a big problem with Brandi’s video. Lisa V. asked why the show was giving Brandi a platform, pointing out that she’s not even a regular cast member anymore. Lisa V. also said that it’s easy for someone to be brave when not in direct confrontation.

Prior to the episode airing, Brandi predicted that some of the cast members aren’t going to like watching her on the reunion show.

Last week, Brandi responded to a viewer who asked her if she thinks Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson have been out of line when it comes to their behavior towards Lisa V. Brandi wrote that she’s loving how Eileen has found her voice. Brandi also wrote that while Rinna is “nuts,” she likes it.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brandi Glanville also recently tweeted that the other women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills owe her an apology for not backing her when she called Lisa Vanderpump out in the previous season.

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