Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Planning Two Weddings To Make Both Families Part Of Their Big Day

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are reportedly planning two weddings this summer because neither could decide on a location to tie the knot in.

Hollywood Life alleges that Hemsworth has been pushing for Miley to agree on the idea of getting married in Australia. Some of the benefits Liam went on to mention were the privacy policies out in Aussie are much stricter than in California, where photographers are known to do whatever they want for the sake of a photo.

Secondly, Liam’s entire family is out in Australia, and the expenses to have them all fly out to Cali for the wedding could end up costing him quite a fortune.

And while Miley wasn’t unhappy with the idea of getting married in Australia, she felt the same way about her family having to fly Down Under.

So the only solution that Cyrus and her fiance could come up with was to tie the knot in two places at different times.

Sources say that the couple is still working it all out, but by the look of things, the actual ceremony could take place in California while the party will most likely be held in Australia. That way, both families get to be part of the wedding.

“Cyrus also wants something to happen in the states — whether it be a party or another wedding — because it will be a struggle to get so many friends and family to Australia when they decide to pull the trigger on the wedding,” the source confirmed.

Reports allege that the wedding has been talked about quite frequently in the last couple of weeks, especially after Liam and Miley’s trip to Australia last month. The “BB Talk” hitmaker discussed her wedding plans with Hemsworth’s family members, and by the look of things, everyone thinks that having two weddings is probably the best decision the duo could’ve come up with.

Not everyone in the Hemsworth household was keen on the idea of having to travel to the United States for the sake of a wedding, knowing that the expenses would have been out of this world to fly the entire family out.


The twosome haven’t decided on a wedding date just yet, but it’s definitely happening this year, sources reveal. Miley Cyrus is certain that she wants to spend the rest of her life with the actor, who she has been dating for the past six years.

Although they’ve had their ups and downs, the fact that they’ve managed to last this long just goes to show how much the duo was meant to be. The wedding will be the final step in making their relationship the real deal. Liam has wanted to marry Miley since 2012, but after their breakup, everything fell apart until the couple rekindled their romance in December.

Liam’s family is looking forward to the wedding, well aware of the fact that he never fell out of love with Miley even when they broke up. In fact, the hunky actor remained single throughout their two-year split while Cyrus was publicly dating Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Their romance ended after Miley Cyrus reportedly caught Patrick cheating on her. It seems that the affair was a blessing in disguise since she has now returned to Liam, who can’t wait to tie the knot with the 23-year-old.

[Photo by Steve Jennings and Jemal Countess/Getty Images for DirecTV]