WWE News: Major Plans For The Women’s Division, Revamped Diva Search Contest Upcoming

When it comes to the WWE Women’s Division, the company has attempted to revamp the entire division and even get rid of the “WWE Diva” term. This has actually not gone over well with E! Network who still has the Total Divas TV show on their network. While E! may not be happy, fans are certainly happy with WWE’s decision. The women of WWE are treated well and it seems that WWE is giving them more than what they did in the past.

It also seems that they have decided to classify women in certain areas. Sasha Banks and Bayley have brought up their category as wrestlers, as opposed to being branded as models. WWE is very high on the idea to push women’s wrestling more. However, they need to find more talent. The company wants to build upon their great women’s wrestling performers, of course.

This is why WWE may be doing something kind of big soon. According to Daily Wrestling News, while Triple H and Vince McMahon have been planning for a major change in the Women’s Division, it seems Stephanie McMahon has led the charge on it as of late. In fact, she even had an idea to sort of revamp the WWE Diva’s Search from years past that brought us the likes of Michelle McCool, Candice Michelle, the Bella Twins, and others. While some may point to this as a terrible idea on the surface, the plan is to change it a good bit to make it work well for the new direction WWE is going with women.

Stephanie McMahon

The idea is to make it sort of like the WWE’s Global Cruiserweight Tournament where WWE would bring in top women wrestlers from around the world, rather than just go off of photos and submission tapes. It would be focused on in-ring work more than just good looks and how well you run an obstacle course. WWE officials have apparently already started working on the idea and it will end up being a WWE Network series, of course. There is not much known on the concept past this, however.

The plan as of now is to try and get the series rolling around the end of the year, so it has some time left before we’ll end up seeing it. With the Global Cruiserweight Tournament going down in July, WWE would not want to interfere with it on their way to another project, which is probably why they’re shooting for a later deadline. While Triple H very well could be leading the GCT, Stephanie McMahon could very well be leading the new women’s wrestling project.

If WWE can manage to bring in some top female performers, this could do wonders for women’s wrestling as the top promotion in the world would be highlighting it. This would certainly bring out the best girls, as most would ideally want to take part. Of course, WWE needs to have success with the GCT before they do this. If the company can capitalize on that, the revamped Diva Search would certainly be easier to sell. The main reason is that the GCT would show WWE is big on highlighting what the tournament was all about, which means they may do the same with other projects.

HHH, Sasha, Bayley

Plus, this is also about finding great talent. WWE needs more of what we have seen with Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte, and the like. Clearly, WWE will be starting with great women’s promotions like SHIMMER first, which would be an amazing partner for this. Keep in mind, any girl who came into WWE with any experience typically worked with SHIMMER at one point or another. However, they’ll also try and work with other popular independent promotions to find great female workers.

At the end of the day, WWE may have a hit with this idea if it is executed right. Both this and the GCT have a lot of merit and very well could help the company find great, new talent. WWE NXT already has a lot of wonderful workers who will be big for the main roster or simply for NXT if that is as far as WWE wants them to go. While WWE seems to have no trouble finding men to come in, they have not had as many great women come in after the Four Horsewomen. While Asuka has been great and Athena may turn out well, they need more, and this potential search could supply WWE with the best women to possibly make the WWE the place to be for female wrestling.

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