Meghan Trainor Turned To Sam Smith When She Needed Advice On Vocal Surgery

Meghan Trainor, the singer famous for hit songs including “All About That Bass,” was recently featured in Radio Disney’s “ARDY Asks,” where she enlightened the world on some very personal insights, including her pre-show rituals and what her friends like to call her, according to Access Hollywood.

Meghan loves singing so much that she does it when she’s nervous, before every red carpet she goes to, and even just before the Radio Disney Music Awards. Meghan also revealed that her nickname is “M Train” and she doesn’t mind being called that at all.

She also went on to talk about the very first song she wrote when she was just starting out and the cute history behind it. Meghan spoke about her first song.

“The first real song I wrote was called ‘Give Me A Chance,’ and it was because I was deeply in love with my older brother’s best friend.”

She went on to joke that her brother’s friend “knows it’s about him,” and then gave him a shout-out.

“Whassup, Matt?”

Even at the young age of 22, the “Lips are Movin” singer is no stranger to the struggles of being a performer. Meghan strained her vocal cords badly last year and, according to Billboard, her vocal chords hemorrhaged multiple times.

She had to go under the knife, and the whole situation put her in a state of crisis. She had just come off her biggest hit to date when she started to feel like things were spiraling out of control. Meghan spoke on her strained vocal cords and surgery.

“I felt like I was going through… you know how they have midlife crises? I felt like I was going through a crisis. I was sad, I had to get rid of my pet cats at the same time, because my doctor was like, ‘You’re allergic and I’m not giving you the surgery unless you get rid of them.’… But I lost my cats, I lost everything. I was on top of the world with ‘All About That Bass’ and then I was at the bottom.”

She was so down in the dumps that her journal entries afterward were apparently full of thoughts such as “Is this real life?” and “Is this actually happening?”. She even went on to call that phase of her life a “nightmare” she wanted to wake up from.

Thankfully, Meghan Trainor thought to turn to Sam Smith, who suffered a similar condition a while back and underwent the same treatment at the time. He was the one who encouraged Meghan to have the surgery, convincing her that it would be the better option because the damage to her vocal cords caused her to pull a number of dates off the tour.

Meghan spoke about the moment she decided to take Sam Smith’s advice.

“I was sitting in bed. I was having the phone calls with my management and agency, like, ‘Are we going to cancel this tour right now? Is this even possible, should we do it? What does the doctor want?’ And I texted Sam and I was like, ‘Should I get this done and fix this now and just get it over with?’ And he said, ‘I promise you, you will sing better than ever and be much happier if you get the surgery.’ “

Needless to say, she eventually decided to go ahead with the surgery and now admits that Sam Smith was right and that it really was the best decision for her. She even concedes that her voice sounds a lot better than it used to. Even her fans have noticed that her voice gained a more mature sounding tone to it after the surgery than it had on her debut album.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]