Chloe Lukasiak Splits With Ricky Garcia: Former ‘Dance Moms’ Star And ‘Best Friends Whenever’ Actor And Musician Confirm ‘Clicky’ Breakup

Rumors have been swirling for a bit now that former Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak and Ricky Garcia of the show Best Friends Whenever and band Forever in Your Mind had split, and now it has been confirmed. The two teens had started dating about a year ago, but now they have gone their separate ways. There are still plenty of rumors floating around about the situation, but it looks like the teens are saying little else other than confirming that they have broken up.

Many who follow both Chloe Lukasiak and Ricky Garcia had been wondering if there had been a split, but not long ago, the former Dance Moms star said that nothing was amiss. Talk escalated a couple of days ago when Chloe posted a photo of herself on Instagram and simply noted that a lot can change in a year. So far, it doesn’t look as if Ricky has posted anything regarding the split on his social media pages.

Now J-14 confirms that Chloe and Ricky recently split. Reps for Lukasiak and Garcia indicate that the two teens did indeed end their relationship, and they say that it happened about a month ago. As is so often the case, the confirmation says that the two teens are on good terms and remain close friends. Busy schedules are said to be the main catalyst for the split.

“We can confirm that Chloe and Ricky broke up about a month ago due to their hectic work schedules. They remain close friends and support one another and want the fans to continue to support them individually, as well. There are no hard feelings, there wasn’t any disloyalty, and they ask for the fans to respect their mutual decision and privacy.”

Ricky and Chloe first met at the April 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards, and things took off when they did a Digifest event together soon after that. Despite having busy schedules and oftentimes having to maintain a long-distance relationship, Garcia and Lukasiak kept things going for about a year. Fans dubbed the duo “Clicky” and loved seeing the two together. However, many had recently started to wonder if the teens had split.

Chloe and Ricky may have tried to hold back from saying anything about their breakup publicly at first, but that became difficult once he attended an event recently with another gal by his side. This sparked a lot of online drama for both Lukasiak and Garcia, as both teens have both avid fans and intense critics.

The 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards held recently is where much of the drama related to this split surfaced. That was the event where he had Italian Alex & Co. actress Beatrice Vendramin with him, and this generated intense commentary online. There have been screenshots floating around of comments Chloe, Ricky, and Beatrice each allegedly made regarding all of the controversy and things got pretty intense. Lukasiak and Garcia’s reps may have thought that the drama would die down without any kind of formal announcement, but “Clicky” fans needed a confirmation and now they have it.

Will the official statement confirming the Chloe and Ricky split help to settle things down on social media? Some would say that this situation could have been handled better, and nobody will really know for certain what caused the split or how the timing played out. Chloe has asked her supporters to back off a bit, as many have been accusing Beatrice of causing the split and calling Ricky a cheater. “Clicky” fans may be seriously disappointed to know that Chloe Lukasiak and Ricky Garcia are no longer an item, but it looks like the former Dance Moms star is looking ahead, and it sounds as if she has plenty of upcoming projects to help her get over her heartbreak.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]