NYC Cashier Refuses To Accept Food Stamps For Beer, Gets Violently Attacked [Video]

Food stamps were not accepted for a beer purchase in New York City, immediately angering the customer and prompting a brutal attack on clerk Mutahar Murshed Ali, which was caught on surveillance video. An allegedly drunk man wandered into a convenience store and tried to buy beer with food stamps, according to the New York Daily News.

Once Mutahar Murshed Ali told the allegedly intoxicated man he would not accept a food stamp card for the $1.25 beer purchase, the Express Deli clerk was threatened in an aggressive manner. Ali also believed the allegedly intoxicated man was attempting to use the EBT card to buy beer for a minor.

“Sell it to me. Don’t get me mad,” the allegedly drunk man yelled at the Yemeni father and husband while trying to convince Ali to accept an EBT card for beer, according to The Blaze.

After shouting a racial slur, the suspect left the Brooklyn bodega without his 22-ounce Colt 45. The man trying to purchase beer with food stamps returned a few minutes later with a knife. Ali’s face was slashed from his lip to his sideburn. Witness to the food stamp refusal attack, Abdul Bin Ock stated the clerk’s face “almost fell off” and notes the Ali’s cheek was completely ripped open, spilling blood everywhere. Mutahar Murshed Ali’s injury is expected to leave a life-long scar.

As noted in the surveillance video, the attack spurred by the refusal to accept food stamps for beer, happened extremely quickly and left Ali in visible pain and stunned. The suspect is shown stumbling out of the convenience store.

clerk refuses to accept food stamps for beer

Although injured, Ali returned to work hours later after getting stitches for his knife wound. Police officers are still searching for the man who attacked the bodega clerk for refusing a beer purchase with food stamps. The suspect is described as a black man between the ages of 25 and 30 with short black hair and brown eyes.