July 31, 2018
Ohio Man Caught On Video Yelling Racial Slurs At Black Man During Road Rage Incident Says His Life Is Ruined

An Ohio man who was caught on video yelling racial slurs at a black man during a road rage incident now says his life is "ruined" over the incident, The Columbus Dispatch is reporting.

Last week, as the Inquisitr reported at the time, Charless Lovett, who is African-American, and Jeff Whitman, who is white, got into a confrontation over a traffic dispute. Whitman then followed Lovett to his home.

Lovett, for his part, had the presence of mind to pull out his smartphone and record Whitman, who proceeded to call him a racial slur.

"I just want to let you know what a n****r you are… You're a rude n****r."
What Whitman apparently forgot, however, is that he was driving the truck bearing the name of his business, Uriah's Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration. It also had his phone number and his state license number right there on it, which Lovett was quick to point out to Whitman.
"I'm glad I got all this information, that I'll be sending to the state, since you're a state contractor."
You can watch video of the confrontation below, but be warned, it contains strong language.


Whitman later apologized when contacted by a local TV reporter, but as it turns out, it's now a matter of "too little too late," as the old saying goes.

As is often the case with these types of situations, internet vigilantes sprung into action. On Yelp, his website was deluged with negative reviews, some "reviewers" invoking comparisons to Hitler or to the Ku Klux Klan.

"Your type is not wanted in this country any longer, nor are your 'heating and cooling services' ever needed again."
The phone number was flooded with messages - you can imagine the tone and content of those messages - so many that he had to turn his phone off. And, he tells Columbus Dispatch reporter Theodore Decker, his business is over.
"It's ruined my life and it's ruined my family's life... I'm out of business, I'm completely out, I'm done, I'll never work in Columbus again. This has completely and thoroughly ruined my life."
He's not getting much sympathy.

Decker, for example, uses Whitman's plight as a cautionary tale about not driving to a stranger's house to harass them after a road rage confrontation.

"Stating the obvious here, driving to a stranger's house to harass the person with racial slurs is not a 'mistake.' It is a chosen course of action."
Even less sympathetic is The Root writer Breanna Edwards.
"Cue the world's smallest violin."
If nothing else, it's a reminder that, in this day and age, any time you act the fool in public, it's almost certainly being recorded, and it will almost certainly have repercussions in your personal life.