Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Met Gala 2016: ‘Totally In Love’

The first date is always special, but the first public date at a big event is even more special. When the big event is the Met Ball in New York City, then it takes special to a whole new level. For Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, that’s exactly what happened in their relationship on May 2. The 2016 Met Ball was Gigi and Zayn’s “first big event as a couple,” and the two made the evening into something wonderful for themselves and for their fans.

At the 2016 Vogue Met Ball, Hadid and Malik walked the red carpet together for the first time, and the young couple definitely looked “totally in love.” Zayn and Gigi kept glancing at each other in between smiling for the cameras, they held hands, and the two generally had the look of a very happy, in-love couple.

Hollywood Life reports that Gigi and Zayn “couldn’t keep their eyes or hands off each other” the whole time they were on the Met Ball 2016 red carpet, and their mutual obsession was obvious.

They even dressed in coordinated outfits, with Zayn sporting a “dapper” black suit to match Gigi’s gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger custom designed black gown. They didn’t stick with basic black for the fashion date, though. Zayn’s suit had plate armor sleeves that fit right in with Gigi’s metallic adornments on her dress. Hadid reflected the armor style on her fingers, with a selection of “fierce metal plates” instead of rings.

Hadid and Malik went well beyond style expectations on “fashion’s biggest night” and looked fantastic together. According to the Daily Mail, Zayn might have wanted to prove that he really is Gigi’s “knight in shining armor,” and that’s why he chose the shiny armor instead of something less blatantly metallic.

Although some observers think that Gigi and Zayn were putting a “new spin on Arthurian glamour” with a Camelot theme, some fans think that maybe Malik wasn’t all that enthusiastic about playing Lancelot to Hadid’s Guinevere.

Whether or not Zayn was a willing knight, he and Gigi were “breathtaking” at the Met Ball.

According to the Telegraph, Gigi had been super excited about wearing the specially designed dress.

“The Met Gala is a big art show for me, it’s just so beautiful. We designed my dress during Paris Fashion Week in my hotel on a notepad, so I’m so excited to be wearing it now.”

Malik and Hadid also looked fantastic together for another Vogue happening, when they posed together in a “steamy shoot” for the May edition of the magazine.

The shoot made the state of the romance between Malik and Hadid pretty clear, since they were intimately “rolling around on a bed” and kissing in the “incredibly romantic” setting of Naples, Italy. It also made their status in the celebrity world clear and is a sign that Gigi and Zayn have been “anointed as fashion’s youngest power couple.”

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]