‘The Hammer’ Endorses Donald Trump: ‘He’s Not A Politician, He’s One Of Us’

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump continues to thumb his nose at the political world as his campaign only grows in strength. The race has reached a fever pitch as the candidates careen toward the finish line, with Donald Trump leading the pack. Supporters are showing up in droves to cheer Mr. Trump on to the victory of achieving the presidential nomination and setting his plans into place to “Make America Great Again.”

In the past few days alone, several individuals have stepped out to officially endorse Trump. The most recent celebrity to endorse Trump came forward at today’s rally in Carmel, Indiana. Fred Williamson, better known as “The Hammer” from his NFL days with the Pittsburgh Steelers, took the stage to commit his support for Donald Trump. Williamson began his speech amid snickers and applause.

“Please don’t give him this salute. They will think that I’m advocating black power. Cuz oh, by the way, I’m black.”

“Don’t give him the 79 degree salute. Because then they will think we’re advocating Nazi-ism. So don’t do that, don’t give the press something to write about that’s not true. And that’s what they always do, right?”

“So let’s be safe. Let’s give them the old victory thing. Victory, that’s what we want.”

Watch the remainder of Fred Williamson’s endorsement speech below.

According to Breitbart News,The Hammer” earned his nickname because he was well known for hard hits. Donald Trump certainly approves of “people that hit hard.”

Like the vast majority of Trump supporters, Williamson has chosen to endorse Donald Trump for president because of his lack of experience as a politician. Americans are looking for something fresh and different, and Trump fits that bill. As Williamson says, “He’s not a politician. He’s one of us.”

Fred “The Hammer” Williamson is not the only person to endorse Donald Trump today. Coincidentally, this endorser also hails from the world of professional sports. USA Today reports that Lou Holtz, who was the head football coach at the esteemed University of Notre Dame from 1986-1996, has thrown his support behind Donald Trump and chosen to endorse him.

For Lou Holtz, the reason is simple. His experiences at hotels and golf courses owned by Donald Trump gives him all the insight he needs to endorse Trump.

“[Trump] does nothing but go first class in everything. He wants this country to be first class as well.”

Yesterday, retired basketball coach Bob Knight stepped forward to endorse Trump as well. Though Donald Trump does not have a political history behind him, the real estate business he built into an empire seems to speak well enough for his abilities to manage a country. Knight spoke with Time magazine, sharing his strong belief that Trump is the man for the job.

“I think at this time, and with the circumstances that face America at this time, there is no better person available, not even close, to do what he can do, what he’s capable of doing. Rather than get into all these little side things — this happened, and that happened — I’m concentrating on what I think is the most important thing, and that’s getting the U.S. on track. And he’s the guy that I think can do it. Far more so than anybody else. And my relationship with him is just that simple.”

Tomorrow, May 3, is primary day in Indiana. The Associated Press delegate tracker, last updated on April 29, shows that Donald Trump has 996 of the 1,267 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination. According to Cleveland, the state of Indiana offers 57 delegates up for grabs. Thirty are awarded to the biggest winner overall, and the remaining 27 come from the nine congressional districts. The winner in each district receives three delegates.

[Image credit: Michael Snyder/Associated Press]