‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: JoJo Fletcher’s Final Four, Final Rose Ceremony Spot Confirmed

The Bachelorette 2016 is still filming, but the spoilers for JoJo Fletcher’s season are coming out like crazy. Reality Steve always does a great job of figuring out who makes it to the end and is even usually able to find out if they end up engaged. Steve actually went to his Twitter to confirm the final four guys on The Bachelorette. It is starting to look like JoJo just might find love as The Bachelorette.

The final four guys this season of The Bachelorette are Chase McNary, Robby Hayes, Luke Pell, and Jordan Rodgers. These final four are the lucky ones that JoJo decided to keep around, and hopefully, one of them will end up being her husband in the end. By getting to this point on The Bachelorette, this means that JoJo will be going home to meet their families. Reality Steve shared some more on his website about how their hometown dates will go down.

JoJo Fletcher and The Bachelorette film crew headed to Jacksonville, Florida, for her date with Robby Hayes. Steve was able to leak where they would be filming before it happened, so The Bachelorette actually ended up moving the filming spot possibly to keep from being overwhelmed by fans. It also probably helped keep Steve from spoiling everything as easily, but he was still able to get pictures of her date. JoJo’s hometown date with Robby on The Bachelorette actually ended up lasting two days, which isn’t normal at all for a hometown date. It turns out that it was because of an issue with The Bachelorette crew and not because they wanted to give them more time together. They had some equipment not show up and just had to wait on it. Robby and JoJo had a great date on The Bachelorette, during which they went on a horse carriage ride and then got into a boat.

When it was time for The Bachelorette to go on Luke Pell’s date, they headed to Texas. She also went to Jordan Rodgers’ hometown date in Chico, California. Chase’s hometown was in Castle Rock, Colorado. Steve is slowly sharing details, and as the season continues, he will keep dishing out spoilers. Jordan is an ex-football player, who is the brother of Aaron Rodgers. He isn’t close to his brother, so don’t expect to see him on the hometown date. Luke Pell happens to be a singer who is, hopefully, on the show for the right reasons.

Reality Steve also shared on his website today about where the final rose ceremony will be. Just this weekend they started filming the overnight date portion of The Bachelorette. They are in Thailand to tape these dates, which should make for an amazing time. They are actually filming The Bachelorette at Hua Hin, about 2.5 hours from Bangkok. The only time that they filmed the finale of the show there before was with Sean and Catherine Lowe’s season. It looks like JoJo will be there until The Bachelorette is done filming.

At this time, JoJo Fletcher is down to just three guys on The Bachelorette, but Reality Steve hasn’t been able to confirm exactly who they are just yet. Fans know that he will be sharing that information soon and just might even end up spoiling the entire season of the show. Fans can’t wait to hear who she picks on The Bachelorette finale.

Are you shocked to hear who JoJo Fletcher’s final four are on The Bachelorette 2016? Do you think that she will find love in the end? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss The Bachelorette 2016 when it starts to air on Monday, May 23 on ABC.

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