Blac Chyna, Tyga Sex Tape Raises Speculation About More ‘Scripted’ Reality TV Drama

As Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian prepare for their upcoming wedding, it looks like they’ll be faced with a daunting obstacle before they tie the knot. Apparently, Blac Chyna has a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Tyga, and now there’s a possibility it could leak in the near future. According to TMZ, reports about Blac Chyna and Tyga’s sex tape ordeal surfaced over the weekend.

The alleged tape, said to have been filmed years ago, was reportedly sent to numerous media outlets and adult film companies by an unknown source. Although it’s been relatively difficult to identify the two adults in the sex tape, the tattoos are identical to both Blac Chyna and Tyga’s.

Blac Chyna’s attorney, Walter Mosley, has revealed she is quite angry about the unexpected turn of events that have taken place. She reportedly plans to seek serious legal actions against anyone involved with the leak of the sex tape. Blac Chyna plans to heavily pursue a lawsuit against anyone who shopped the sex tape around.

The latest reports about Blac Chyna and Tyga’s sex tape have raised speculation about whether or not the tape was purposely leaked. For quite some time, Kris Jenner and executive producers for Keeping Up With the Kardashians have been accused of staging scripted scenes for the show in an effort to raise the show’s ratings.

Since Blac Chyna is slated to marry Rob Kardashian, the emergence of the infamous sex tape, along with the robbery, she and Rob Kardashian just faced, are speculated to be ordeals that have been staged to raise anticipation for the upcoming season of the show. Many KUTWK fans have taken to Twitter with their reactions to the sex tape. Although some fans have expected Blac Chyna to have a sex tape surface with either Rob Kardashian or Tyga, some still believe the timing of the “leak” wasn’t an accident.

Blac Chyna has been at the center of controversy for the past couple days. She and Rob Kardashian were also robbed over the weekend. According to People magazine, the Los Angeles Police Department released a statement about the highly publicized robbery. Media relations officer Drake Madison revealed Blac Chyna’s safe was burglarized and more than $200,000 in cash was stolen. Although the details have yet to be confirmed, investigators speculate the sex tape may have been stolen from Blac Chyna’s safe since it surfaced shortly after the burglary took place.

In the wake of the robbery, Rob’s mother Kris Jenner reportedly wants him and Blac Chyna to move in with her for now as they plan their wedding. An insider recently shared details about Kris’ offer with Hollywood Life.

“Kris can’t believe Blac and Rob were robbed! Her heart jumped out her body when she heard this. She’s crazy protective over Rob and as a mother she always fears the worse outcome possible. She knows Rob’s not leaving Blac’s side because he wants to protect her. And Kris wants to protect her son, which is why she has offered them to live at her house until the police get to the bottom of this robbery. It’s the least Kris can do. She knows how important Blac is to Rob and she wants to be there for him, even if it means temporarily moving them in,” the insider said.

At this point, it is unclear if Blac Chyna and Rob will actually move in with Kris Jenner. But, one thing’s for sure – Blac Chyna refuses to let the leak of her sex tape with Tyga go unpunished.

[Photo(s) by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Larry Busacca/Getty Images]