‘Star Wars’ Force Glove Lets You Move Objects With The Power Of Science [Video]

Bust out your Christmas lists early, Star Wars fans! You’ve always wanted to control the power of the force, right? Now you (kind-of, sort-of) can with the Star Wars Force Glove.

Toy company Uncle Milton’s Toys offers the Force Glove as a part of their Star Wars Science line of toys. The glove lets you move objects around with “the force,” but really, you’re moving things around by the science of magnetism. The glove has a magnet embedded in the palm which will repel or attract objects based on their polarity. This allows the user to move things without touching them, reports Mashable.

One side of the magnet embedded int he glove is marked with the Imperial crest while the other displays the Rebel Alliance logo. It comes with a magnetic base and two targets, one with droids and one with a lightsaber, reports CNET.

It runs about $18. If you’re comfortable forking just under $20 to do the same thing that you did as a child with your grandma’s refrigerator magnets, go for it.

The kit also comes with a “learning guide” (hey, it’s a line called Star Wars Science, you saw this coming) which is a very harmless way to say that adults are still ruining toys by trying to make them educational. They do alright though, the guide just talks a bit about magnetism, and trying to teach something to an excited kid with a new toy? Impossible. When the kid goes “I’m using the force!” you’re better off just shouting “Nope! It’s magnets!” form the other room. Sure, you may crush the child’s soul some, but it’s all in the name of education.

Here’s a video of the magnetic Star Wars Force Glove. Would you buy one for your kid? (Or yourself?)