Kendall Jenner Stuns White House, Shares Fitness & Celebrity Crushes: Justin Bieber & Harry Styles Included?

Kendall Jenner has encountered so many celebrities in her Keeping Up with the Kardashians life that you might think she never gets starstruck. But the one exception to that assumption occurred when Kendall met President Obama, reported E! News.

Decked out in a designer gown for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Jenner was striking her usual supermodel poses when she had a close encounter of the presidential kind.

honored to be here #WHCD #RockTheVote

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“I just met Obama and this is how I feel,” posted Kendall on social media.

And it didn’t end there. President Obama issued an executive request for Jenner.

“He was like, ‘Say hi to Kim and Kanye.’ I was like ‘Okay,’” shared Kendall.

As for the official statement by the president regarding Jenner? Obama teased her when he made his speech.

“Kendall Jenner is also here. And we had a chance to meet backstage. She seems like a very nice young woman. I’m not exactly sure what she does. But I am told that my Twitter mentions are about to go through the roof.”

Kendall joined in the laughter.

As for details on Jenner’s White House red carpet look, Kendall stunned with her choice of a Vivienne Westwood black frock, noted Hollywood Life.

Kendall Jenner stopped red carpet traffic with her stunning look.

Jenner flaunted her whittled waistline, and the bra cups accentuated her bosom. Completing the dazzle were a sexy slit, Dolce & Gabbana heels, and glittering diamond choker necklace.

That supermodel body is due to more than good genes, however. Kendall shared the details of her fitness plan that helps her maintain her sleek physique, reported InStyle.

Jenner’s celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson, guides her through a variety of exercises, including the use of kettle bells. Gunnar also gets credit for helping Kendall’s sister Khloe Kardashian with her own weight loss workouts.

“I’ve always been really active. I like to work out to feel better about myself,” explained Jenner.

new @calvinklein underwear

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Kendall doesn’t lack when it comes to motivation for focusing on her fitness, with her Calvin Klein campaign involving closeups of her fab abs and whittled waistline.

“I do a lot of photo shoots with my stomach showing, and it just feels better to know that I can wear a crop top – or nothing, lol – at a last-minute shoot and not be worried about it,” explained Jenner. “It’s all about feeling good about my body and being confident at work.”

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner share a laugh.

When Kendall isn’t at home, she finds substitutes for working out with her personal trainer, from boxing to hitting the hotel weight room.

“When I’m in [New York City], I like boxing at Gotham Gym,” shared Jenner. “When I’m in Paris or London I’ll just work out in the hotel gym. It would be really easy to be lazy about it when I’m travelling, but then I wouldn’t have the tone or definition that I want.”

While Kendall is focused on her professional success as a supermodel, she does make time for dating. Jenner and Harry Styles have shared an off-and-on romance and recently heated up hookup rumors again when they were seen together last month, according to CeleBuzz.

Kendall and Harry previously canoodled on vacation in Anguilla and then spent time together in Los Angeles.

But then there’s also Jordan Clarkson, a Lakers player with whom Jenner also has been linked, as the Inquisitr reported.

Justin Bieber also recently stirred up rumors that he and Kendall are more than just friends, pointed out the Mirror.

When Jenner flaunted her fabulous figure on the cover of Vogue, Bieber made a point of congratulating her on social media.

Congrats ken you look beautiful

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“Congrats Ken you look beautiful,” praised Justin.

He and Kendall have flirted for several years, and when he dined with Jenner in Paris at one point during his romance with Selena Gomez, it resulted in a big fight.

So when Kendall was asked to name her celebrity crushes, did Bieber or Styles make the list? Jenner confessed that neither qualified as her dream date, pointed out the Independent.

Instead, Kendall longs for a man who looks like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp when they were young.

“There’s something about the old-school vibe of these guys – they don’t make ’em like this anymore, haha!” posted Jenner.

[Photo by Xaume Olleros/Getty Images for Calvin Klein]