Magic Johnson's Son EJ Of 'Rich Kids' Insists He's Not Transitioning, Despite Posing In Dress, Covering Breasts

Amy Feinstein

EJ Johnson, son of former NBA basketball player Magic Johnson and star of Rich Kids on E!, denies that he is transitioning to being a woman, despite photos taken of him covering his breasts and wearing sexy dresses after huge weight loss and weight loss surgery. Johnson, 23, who, like his father Magic Johnson, is also named Earvin, says that just because he likes to dress in female clothing doesn't mean he wants to become a woman.

According to The Inquisitr, E! now has two men who dress as women on network shows, but only Caitlyn Jenner of KUWTK admits to wanting to live as a woman, changing her name from Bruce to Caitlyn, and getting breast and facial surgery. Jenner is admitting to want to live and dress as a woman full-time. EJ Johnson claims he is just gay and likes expressing himself by wearing women's clothing, but Johnson stresses that he does not want to transition at this time.

But unlike Caitlyn Jenner, who was a gold winning Olympic athlete, Johnson's only claim to fame is being the son of a former NBA player who is living with HIV, and a cast member of a second-tier reality show, so fans are not clear why Diane Sawyer would want to interview EJ Johnson. But still, in his fantasy, he is talking to Sawyer, and Johnson has a plan of what he would say if it was true.

"Diane, I just want to let the world know, I am becoming a woman. Until that day, everyone needs to have a seat."
"People are just so ignorant and dumb sometimes."

Johnson has a pat response, and that is to say that, if he wants to dress in this manner, people will just have to deal with it.

"Apparently your friends are… we're all very concerned that you're too skinny."
"And all the people that are just so quick to say that because I wear women's wear sometimes that like means I'm transitioning!"

[Photo by Arnold Turner/AP Images]