Best Day Ever: Lottery Player Handed $1M Ticket By Mistake

Taunton, MA – A distracted clerk may have handed you a lottery ticket for the wrong game before, but there’s no need to fuss over it. In the case of one Massachusetts man, a similar mix-up turned out to be quite lucrative, as he walked out of the shop a millionaire. He just didn’t know it yet.

Purchasers of lottery tickets all over the United States, take to heart the story of Richard Brown, a Taunton, Massachusetts man who was handed a very different kind of scratch-off lottery ticket than he asked for. The clerk seemed distracted, so Brown didn’t fuss over the minor mistake, reports Newser. In his own words, he just “rolled with it.” Well, fortune smiled on Mr. Brown for his easy-going nature. That ticket ended up being a winner.

Brown said that he walked into Gulf Taunton recently and asked for a $5 “Blue Ice 7s” ticket, but the clerk made a mistake and instead gave him a “Sizzlin 7s” ticket, reports the Associated Press.

That fortunate mistake on the part of the store clerk was worth $1,000,000. Maybe all of us should just “roll with it” more often.

He picked the cash option on his winning ticket and got the one-time lump sum payment, which the bean counters tell me comes out to about $430,ooo after taxes. So what is Brown going to do with his newly won war chest? He’s going to put a new roof on his house, for starters. After that, he’s thinking of taking a trip to San Francisco.

Oh, and thanks to the clerk’s mistake, the store gets a $10,000 commission. A happy ending for all, except for the poor guy who came in right after Brown who plays “Sizzlin 7s” every single day.