May 1, 2016
Jane Sanders Speaks Out In Defense Of Bernie Sanders, Questions When FBI Will Investigate Hillary Clinton

When it comes to Bernie Sanders, his wife Jane Sanders is definitely his biggest fan and supporter. Jane recently spoke out in defense of her husband after reports started claiming that his refusal to drop out of the race against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination to run in the 2016 race was hurting the Democratic party. Jane's recent argument in favor of her husband came just days after she jokingly asked when the FBI was going to investigate Clinton.

Jane Sanders has made it clear that she and many others still believe that Bernie Sanders can beat Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination just by continuing to campaign up until the convention in July. Jane argued against the current message from Clinton's campaign and said, "We're not spoiling the Democratic race."

In a recent interview with Neil Cavuto, Jane even talked about Hillary Clinton and the email scandal that has been plaguing her credibility. "We want to let it go through without politicizing it and then we'll find out what the situation is," Jane told Cavuto. "That's how we still feel. It would be nice if the FBI moved it along." Jane did follow up that half-joke by saying Hillary is innocent until proven guilty in regard to the email scandal according to Talking Points Memo.

Since Bernie Sanders' disappointing loss in New York and a handful of other states, Clinton's camp has been putting pressure on Bernie's supporters to jump ship and support Hillary instead. They have been met with much resistance by "Bernie or Bust" supporters who claim they are with Bernie until the bitter end. Despite several tactics that tested the mettle of those supporters, Clinton has had very little luck in swaying those who are still fighting to make Bernie Sanders their president in 2016.

In another interview, Jane Sanders had to defend Bernie's reasoning for staying in the Democratic race against Hillary. He has been accused of refusing to give up because he wants to stick it to the Clinton camp. Despite all of their claims that he can't possibly win, the truth is, no one has clinched enough delegates to shut the other down. Jane even said on the MSNBC show "Morning Joe" that Bernie is "in it to win it" and that his campaign is not continuing on just to waste Hillary Clinton's resources. Considering his current position with the delegate count and the states who still have yet to vote, Bernie Sanders is very much still a viable candidate. Those standing firmly behind Sanders also believe that he still can win and that's why they are not giving up.

Those standing firmly behind Sanders also believe that he still can win, and that's why they are not giving up. As one of his supporters put it in the Bernie or Bust Facebook group, right now Sanders " down by two and running with the ball. Why would he give up now, when he's headed for a win?" Another supporter followed that up and reminded supporters that you don't try to tackle someone who has already lost, in reference to the amped up campaign by Clinton supporters to allegedly shame the "Bernie or Bust" movement and get them to quit before Bernie Sanders ever gets to the Democratic National Convention.

Despite reports that some campaigners are claiming that Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the race, he most certainly has not. Sanders even upped the ante on Sunday when he said that will be taking the Democratic race all the way to the convention and contesting the convention. As far as Jane Sanders is concerned, the "Bernie or Bust" movement is alive and strong, and Bernie still has a chance to get the Democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential race no matter what Hillary Clinton's camp is trying to get his supporters to believe.

[Photo by David McNew/Getty Images]