May 1, 2016
Raymond Pruitt Shoots Pensacola Store Clerk In Cold Blood — Crime Spree Stops Days Later In Alabama

Raymond Pruitt walks into A&E Food Mart in Pensacola, Florida. However, it isn't just a robbery. Pruitt shoots the store clerk in cold blood. But, he doesn't stop there.

On April 26, Raymond Pruitt — continuing an ongoing crime spree from Alabama — walked into a Pensacola convenience store on Pace Boulevard. After an armed robbery, Pruitt took it to the extreme and turned it into a Pensacola murder.

According to WEAR-13 TV, 39-year-old Raymond Pruitt shot and murdered store clerk Chung Lun Chiang, 53 — better known around the area as Alan. After shooting the victim, Pruitt began stealing money and other store items, as noted by WKRG-5 News. This launched a multi-agency search for Pruitt. The U.S. Marshals Service mentioned that prior to shooting the clerk, Raymond was already wanted for a series of convenience store robberies in Alabama — including a Florida Shell Gas Station robbery on April 25.

Escambia Country Sheriff David Morgan posted a video via Facebook shortly after capturing Pruitt. The sheriff mentioned that Raymond Pruitt had shot Chung, who was a well-liked and known member of the community.

Likewise, several people have commented on the shooting incident. Via North Escambia, one commentator, Tashia, mentioned that she had just talked to Mr. Chung the day before his murder.

"I just [talked] to him yesterday. Times I didn't have money for gas and he let me get it and bring him back the money. When he saw me and not my boys he would always ask about them. This is sad and I hope [they] catch him soon before he kill again. Prayers with the family."
Prior to capturing the fugitive, U.S. Marshals issued a $10,000 reward for information regarding Raymond Pruitt's location. According to Pensacola News Journal, U.S. Marshals received a tip about Raymond's location in Alabama. Soon after, they notified Troy Police Department regarding his whereabouts. Troy Police found Pruitt at a local gas station. Once he recognized them, he immediately ran. This is when he led authorities on a high-speed chase in a stolen Hyundai Tucson, reports WEAR-13 TV.

The chase stopped when Raymond Pruitt drove the vehicle into a chain-linked fence. However, things didn't end at the crash site. The source mentions that there was an officer-involved shooting. However, no officers were injured during the shooting.

Troy Police Chief Randall Barr states, "He attempted to flee the scene, and additional shots were fired before officers subdued him." After retrieving the weapon from his possession, officers expressed that they believed it was the weapon from the robberies, as reported by the source.

Raymond Pruitt was then transported to a local hospital. His injuries appeared to be non-life-threatening, says the report. However, once he's released, Raymond will be taken to the Montgomery County Detention Facility. According to the source, Pruitt has a stack of charges against him.

  • murder
  • attempted Murder
  • eight counts Robbery first degree
  • domestic violence first degree
  • theft of property first degree
WEAR-13 TV mentions prior crimes Raymond had committed before arriving at the A&E Food Mart are as follows.
"His alleged crime spree began April 5 in Montgomery when he stabbed his girlfriend and shot her with her own pistol as she tried to escape, according to authorities. Pruitt was also identified as the prime suspect in five armed robberies in Montgomery, Ozark, Troy and Prattville, Alabama."
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[Image via Escambia County Sheriff Office]