Colorado Woman Becomes YouTube Sensation For Wyoming Mountain Survival Video

Alexandra “Lexi” Deforest video taped herself while trapped on the side of a Wyoming mountain to help herself remain alert and calm. The Vedauwoo mountain survival video has gone viral on YouTube. Lexi Deforest spent an hour alone waiting for help after severely breaking her ankle while scaling the down the side of the Wyoming mountain.

Speaking out loud helped DeForest to remain conscious and keep anxiety at bay while trapped with a badly mangled ankle on the side of the Vedauwoo mountain. She panned the camera to her bloody and broken ankle, talked to herself, about her dog and her family, as noted on the YouTube video.

Alexandra Deforest video excerpt:

“Oh, so this is me. I just broke my ankle. Eww. Second time now. This is me moving my foot and it’s really gross. I’d show you more but if I looked at it, I might vomit on myself. And no one wants to see that. But, I don’t know first aid for a foot that is not attached to your ankle, Um, I am doing the best I can.”

Lexi DeForest and pal Erik Henry were enjoying a camping trip approximately 90 minutes from the Colorado State University campus when the accident happened. The pair arrived around 5 pm and quickly decided to take a hike to the peak of a nearby rock formation. The pair of Colorado coeds thought the view of the sunset from the top of the rock formation would be beautiful. DeForest recalls “chasing the sun all the way up the mountain.”

Deforest and Henry did not wear their hiking books because the terrain was not very steep and the rocks were “grippy.” Erik Henry was taking a photo of Lexi DeForest jumping across a trench which measured six-feet across and eight-feet deep. She had taken a photo of Henry jumping the same trench a few moments prior. While checking the distance from to make sure she would be able to complete the jump, she got too close to edge of the rocks, slipped and fell, Fox News notes.

Alexandria DeForest was initially shocked by the sight of her foot detached from her ankle and contemplated crawling down the mountain. The blood on her ankle, foot, knees and elbows noted multiple other scrapes and cuts which made crawling very far too painful. She eventually convinced her friend to leave her alone and go search for help.

It was dark by the time Henry returned, but viewers can hear him, the campground director and paramedics arriving near the end of the popular YouTube video. Alexandria DeForest was airlifted to a local hospital and released several days later.