May 1, 2016
Kelly Sullivan Confirms 'Young And Restless' Departure, What Comes Next In The Wake Of Sage's Death?

The Young and the Restless viewers were stunned to see Kelly Sullivan's character of Sage Warner Newman killed off just moments after learning that her son, Christian, was still alive. Many folks were hoping that Sage's death would turn out to be a dream of some sort, but Y&R spoilers detail that this departure is for real. Sullivan took to social media after the episode featuring her character's death to bid farewell to her fans, and many of her colleagues have posted to say goodbye as well.

There had been some rumors swirling about Sage's death leading up to the car accident, but Young and Restless fans were hoping that the buzz was inaccurate. Everybody had been waiting for months for the truth about Sully being Christian to emerge, and the joy was short-lived as the accident happened almost immediately after she had some moments with her son.

During Friday's show, Nick learned of his wife's death and viewed her body, and Young and Restless spoilers share that during Monday's show, the news will spread to Adam, Chelsea, Noah, Summer, Victoria, and others close to her as well. Those fans who were hoping for a twist that left Sage still alive will be disappointed to see that, indeed, Kelly Sullivan's character has been killed off.

After Friday's show aired, Sullivan took to Twitter to bid farewell to the character of Sage and thank her Young and Restless family and viewers of the show. Kelly's fans were quick to tweet back their support and the post was favorited nearly 1,800 times.

Fellow Young and Restless co-stars like Justin Hartley, who plays Adam, Melissa Claire Egan, who plays Chelsea, Abby's Melissa Ordway, and Kevin's Greg Rikaart all posted tweets raving about Sullivan and how much they will miss her. Naturally, Joshua Morrow, who plays Nick, posted a sweet message to Kelly on Twitter and it is clear that these two grew very close during the time they worked together on Y&R.

Kelly also posted a photo of her hugging Joshua Morrow on what appears to have been their last day of filming on the Young and Restless set. A lot of folks have made it clear that they are not happy about the twist this storyline took with Sage's death.

Viewers had been looking forward to seeing Sage, Nick, and Christian reunited, and now Sharon is angling to keep the truth under wraps it would appear. The Young and the Restless spoilers for the week ahead indicate that Sharon will scramble to maintain this secret about Christian, but the guilt she is carrying over it will take a serious toll.

The Young and the Restless viewers may be crushed to see Sage killed off, but Kelly Sullivan is already working on another project. She is part of the cast of a new film project called The Stranger Inside, though everybody will have to stay tuned to learn more about when the movie is ready to debut.

What comes next for Nick, Adam, Sharon, and Christian as the dust settles after Sage's death? It appears that Adam and Chelsea will be scrambling to bury the truth about Christian being Adam's son, while Nick figures out how to face his future without his wife. There are plenty more twists and turns on the way and viewers cannot wait to see what comes next on The Young and the Restless.

[Photo by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]