Chumlee Arrest Update: All The Latest Facts On this ‘Pawn Stars’ Favorite

The latest news with Chumlee is silence. Fans of the show want to know what his status: Is Chumlee is still on the show? Has Chumlee really been fired? What is the real story behind his arrest?

The popular reality star was arrested on March 9, 2016. Police had found weapons, most that were not registered to the reality star, as well as a variety of drugs and drug paraphernalia labeled by many as “characteristic of a drug dealer.”

Chumlee Is Front and Center Part of the Harrison Clan Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

What we currently know is that Chum, whose real name is Austin Lee Russell, has been released on a $62,000 bail bond and awaits a court hearing later this month. TMZ then reported that the Pawn Stars favorite canceled a DJ appearance at Tru Nightclub, days after his arrest, and since then, he has remained under the radar. The lack of news from the affable star has left his bewildered fans wondering if the good-natured sidekick on Pawn Stars schtick was all an act?

So, is Chumlee still on the show? Although there has been just a couple of statements made by the Harrison family, there has not been any sort of confirmation of Chumlee’s employment-or firing-at the Gold & Silver Pawnshop located near downtown Las Vegas.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Rick Harrison, showing that he is truly a father figure to his son’s troubled friend, has announced that “We are here to help.” On Pawn Stars, Harrison has always portrayed himself as tolerant of Chumlee’s television shenanigans, but when it comes to a crisis such as this, the leader of the Harrison clan has firmly stepped up and shown his mettle.

Has Chum been fired? Harrison is most likely holding out to let the legal process run its due course. If Chum should be convicted for any of the charges, Harrison may be forced to fire Chum, as the pawn shop sells antique handguns and it is universally known that a convicted felon cannot sell weapons. The History Channel may be holding back any sort of statement for the very same reason. There is no surprise that Chum is familiar with guns, as on Pawn Stars, he has been shown numerous times testing out historic handguns and competing in target practice against the three generations of Harrisons.

The most curious message is that from Corey, Chum’s lifelong friend. The youngest Harrison used Instagram as the vehicle to express his opinion on Chumlee’s arrest.

“There are always three sides to a story, Yours, Theirs and the truth…”

Could there be an explanation as to why there were so many unregistered weapons at the home of Chumlee?

Then there is the drugs. There were a lot of drugs found inside of Chum’s home. Is Chumlee a drug dealer? Chum was cooperative with law enforcement, allowing them to open the vault with hopes of leniency. Before he opened the vault, Chum told the investigators that he “smoked a lot of weed.” And indeed, a lot of weed was found. In addition, baggies, a scale, meth capsules and Xanax bars.

Was Chum dealing drugs or was this his private stash? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chum is worth 5 Million dollars, receiving $25,000 per episode. He could well afford to buy his drugs in bulk size.

But, it is very possible that his attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld have their defense strategized, per their conversation with TMZ. They may try to get Chumlee off on some technicalities.

“We will be analyzing what was allegedly found and whether the alleged seizure was lawful in a courtroom, not in the media. Austin has great faith in the judicial system, as do we, and looks forward to a just resolution of this matter.”

As for the sexual assault case, there have been absolutely no charges stemming from that alleged attack. As of now, there is no information regarding a sexual assault case. Although authorities have taken away bedding and other such items for analysis, as well as taken blood from Chumlee. Again, there has not been any sexual assault charges against Austin Lee Russell.

The sensationalized revelation was that the reality star’s room was called a “Chum Chum Room” and there was a stripper pole inside, which is not that usual considering where he lives-Las Vegas. While some sources report shock that this room demonstrates that the television jokester has a “double life,” this is not uncommon. Pretty much everyone has a tamer work personality and what goes on in their private lives is allowed to stay private, especially in Vegas. Because Chumlee is a public figure, his life is splayed for all to analyze.

So, what do you think will play out in court? Will Chumlee return to Pawn Stars?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]