Duggar Family Fans Ignoring Jill Dillard’s Plea For Attention

The Duggar family is clinging to the threads of their reality TV fame, but it seems to be unraveling rapidly. The end is inevitable, but with teasers for Jill and Jessa: Counting On and cryptic social media posts, the Duggar offspring continue to try to stay in the spotlight. However, if another sign of waning interest is needed (besides the declining ratings), the response to one married Duggar daughter’s recent plea for attention is a good one. Perhaps saying “the lack of response” would be more accurate — when Jill Duggar Dillard begged fans to chat back on a minor parenting question, all she received was static silence.

Though the Duggar family’s new reality show is named for the two married daughters, Jill has been present for a relatively small portion of the show. Of course, she isn’t in Arkansas with the rest of the Duggars. She and her husband, Derick, and their young son, Israel, are in Central America. Perhaps Jill started to feel like the rest of the family was getting all the attention, because on Friday, she posted on her blog, asking fans to weigh in on her parenting skills.

Her question was simple: at what age can one expect a child to pick up his own toys?

However, the post wasn’t that simple. The question was accompanied by a description of her own parenting methods.

“I’ve had him come alongside me to help pick them up and I try to make it fun for him…”

Perhaps she expected a rush of Duggar fans declaring that Jill is doing it exactly right, and that she’s a great mom. Maybe she was also trying to let viewers know that she and her husband don’t use blanket training — a discipline method that the Duggar family has been roundly criticized for.

Is Jill following Duggar family practices in blanket training?

She also took the opportunity to respond to the Duggar family’s critics, who have commented negatively about both Jill and Jessa’s messy homes.

“… I just got all his toys put back in their right places.”

It was a not-so-subtle way of letting the viewers know that the Duggar ladies do know how to clean up.

Also, Jill grew up in the Duggar family, with 15 younger siblings. Can she really claim she didn’t get a general idea of how old kids are when they can pick up toys? If she really was just seeking information, she might have Googled or checked any of a few thousand parenting sites. Instead, she turned to her blog, to make sure she got her share of the attention her family seeks.

The next episode of the show actually focuses on Jill and Jessa. When the rest of the Duggar family traveled to visit Jill and Derick, Jessa stayed behind, leaving an opening for an episode (or two) about her family making their own trip. Perhaps with an episode coming up that focuses on Jill and Jessa, Jill wanted to drum up interest in her own family. Further, the family has recently developed an obsessive focus on adoption. Several members of the Duggar family starred in a film on adoption, and both married daughters say they want to adopt. Perhaps Jill thought talking up her parenting skills would garner support for her adoption goals.

Whatever she was hoping for, she didn’t get it. Two days later, she has received no responses whatsoever.

Duggar family: Kill begs for attention, gets ignored.

If this was Jill’s attempt to dive into the world of mommy blogging, and perhaps secure advertising income for her family, it wasn’t an immediate success. Perhaps the Duggar family’s fans haven’t entirely abandoned her — she did receive a few responses on Twitter. Even those, though, were overwhelmingly negative.

If the fans are giving up (and Jill isn’t the only Duggar begging the fans to weigh in), then the Duggar family might be seeing their last days of television fame.

[Image via TLC]