Paul Ryan Shirtless Photo Found: The Search Is Over

“Paul Ryan shirtless” has been a popular search trend on Google lately, but folks searching tirelessly for topless pics of the VP pick have so far turned up bupkis… until now.

The men and women of TMZ have “done their patriotic duty,” notes UPI, uncovering the first “topless pic” of GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan after days of searching. The photo shows Ryan and his wife, Janna, on vacation in Oklahoma six years ago. Romney’s running mate has expressed his devotion to a popular DVD workout program called P90x, and it looks from the pic that his dedication is paying off. Ryan definitely looks like he’s been pulling double sessions with Tony Horton.

Of course, as stated, the picture is half-a-decade old, so it might not be a proper indication of what Ryan looks like now. Still, the picture is better than nothing, especially since interest in Ryan’s physique has becomes something of an Internet sensation since his announcement as Romney’s running mate. According to Yahoo!News, a mere 24 hours after Ryan was announced as Romney’s running mate, Google trends showed that “Paul Ryan shirtless” proved the second most-popular shirt term associated with searches for Paul Ryan.

No word on whether or not the leaked image will help the struggling GOP ticket sway key voter groups, namely the female vote and the gay community vote. We also don’t know yet whether or not TMZ’s image is merely the first of many to come.

Maybe we’ll get lucky. Maybe Ryan will pull a Weiner.

Paul Ryan is a meme is a meme

Jog on over to TMZ for the photo of Paul Ryan shirtless and come back here to sound off. What do you think of Ryan’s physique? Will it help him at the polls?