Prince Phillip Hosptial Treatment Update

LONDON- Prince Phillip, after being admitted “as a precautionary measure” to the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland on Wednesday, is “responding well” to hospital treatment, said Buckingham Palace on Thursday. Prince Phillip was admitted to the infirmary for a recurrence of a bladder infection.

CNN reports that it is still unclear on when the Duke of Edinburgh will be discharged, but he will probably have to remain in the hospital for a few more days.

The 91-year-old Duke, reportedly first suffered from the infection back in June, but has now fell ill again. He fell ill again while staying at the royal residence in Balmoral, Scotland. This would be the third time, in the last eight months, that Prince Phillip has been admitted to the hospital.

Before the bladder infection, Prince Phillip spent four nights in the hospital over the Christmas holiday last year for treatment of a blocked coronary artery.

This week, however, he appeared in good form as he fulfilled several engagements on the Isle of Wright, of the south coast of England. Phillip had also appeared by the side of Queen Elizabeth II at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games at the end of July and joined her on a visit to the Olympic Park as the games began.

Queen Elizabeth II, while addressing Parliament in March, paid tribute to her husband, the longest-serving consort in British history, as “a constant strength and guide” throughout her long reign.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s next scheduled public appearance will be alongside Queen Elizabeth II as she opens the 2012 Paralympic Games on August 29th.