Watch Bernie Sanders Rally In South Bend, Indiana Live Stream: ‘Revolution’ Still Alive Ahead Of Primary Vote Tuesday

Bernie Sanders continues his against-all-odds “political revolution” with what he hopes will be huge rally in South Bend, Indiana — home of famed Notre Dame University — on Sunday, a rally that will stream live online just two days before the crucial Indiana primary.

Scroll down this page to view a live stream of the Bernie Sanders rally in South Bend.

After suffering a seemingly devastating setback on April 26, losing four of the five primaries held that day to front runner Hillary Clinton and falling a seemingly insurmountable 295 pledged delegates behind in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sanders began scaling back his campaign, laying off “hundreds” of paid staffers.

He also cut his advertising budget in Indiana by a reported $200,000, another sign that he realizes that his hopes of overtaking Clinton in the race have been largely extinguished.

Nonetheless, Sanders has refused to give up. His ad budget in Indiana remains at $1 million — while Clinton is spending nothing on advertising there — and perhaps more importantly, Sanders appeared on Friday at a rally outside the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis, speaking in support of workers at Carrier Corporation, a subsidiary of United Technologies that makes parts for air conditioning and heating equipment.

In February, United Technologies announced that it was shutting down its Indiana plants and relocating those manufacturing operations to Mexico, putting about 2,100 workers out of jobs.

Watch Bernie Sanders speak to the Carrier rally in Indianapolis in the video below.

To watch a live stream of the Bernie Sanders Sunday rally at the Century Center convention facility in South Bend, Indiana, click on the following video. The rally is scheduled to get underway at 4 p.m. Eastern Time, 1 p.m. Pacific, on Sunday, May 1. Sanders is expected to take the podium about two hours later.

“Today we are sending a very loud and clear message to the CEO of United Technologies — stop the greed! Stop destroying the middle class in America. Respect your workers. Respect the American people,” Sanders told the Carrier workers rally on Friday, to loud cheers.

But does Bernie Sanders have a chance of winning Indiana, and if so, will it make any difference in the race for the Democratic nomination?

There have been five Democratic polls taken during April in the state of Indiana, all of them showing Clinton with lead of anywhere from three points to, in one poll, 13 points.

A poll by American Research Group released on Friday, the most recent poll taken in Indiana, showed Clinton with an eight-point margin of victory, and the weighted polling average compiled by the election forecaster puts Clinton in the lead by 6.8 percentage points.

The state offers 83 pledged delegates to divide proportionally between the two candidates. Of those, 27 automatically go to the winner of the statewide vote.


In other words, Indiana is a must-win for Bernie Sanders. If he loses the statewide vote, he will be mathematically eliminated from any chance of beating Clinton to the nomination on pledged delegates alone. His only hope would be to somehow persuade superdelegates — delegates who are free to vote any way they choose — to change their minds about voting for Clinton and switch into the Sanders camp.

Why they would do so in any significant numbers is unclear, however, particularly with Clinton holding a large lead in both pledged delegates and in the popular vote. The former secretary of state currently leads Bernie Sanders by more than 3.1 million votes — that’s about 56.5 percent of the vote total to 42 percent for Sanders.

But regardless of the odds against him, Bernie Sanders has pledged to continue his campaign through the final day of the primary season, June 7, when California goes to the polls. He has another rally scheduled for Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Monday.

[Featured Photo By Ryan Kang / Associated Press]