Paul Rudd, From ‘Ant-Man’ To ‘Cast Away 2’? ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Actor Jokes About Fake Sequel

Is Paul Rudd working on Cast Away 2? Of course not!

However, that did not stop the Ant-Man star and Captain America: Iron Man actor from having a little fun during a recent interview at a movie premiere.

At the European premiere of Captain America: Civil War, during an interview with ODE, Paul Rudd was questioned about his bearded look.

Most fans and critics that are familiar with Rudd’s movies are used to seeing him either clean-shaven or with a little stubble (such as when he played Scott Lang in Ant-Man.)

Rudd rocked a little more facial hair when he grew out his mustache for the hilarious Anchorman movies. However, seeing him with a full and thick beard may cause anyone to do a double take. He confirmed during the interview that his beard was definitely not a personal choice; he actually grew out the facial hair for a role.

“It’s not my choice… I have this for work. I have to have it until June. I would shave it in a second if I could.”

The interviewer jokingly asked whether or not Paul grew out the beard to film Cast Away 2. With his impeccable comic timing, improvisational comedy skills and witty punchlines, Paul Rudd was apparently ready to ride that Cast Away 2 movie concept to the finish line.

“Yeah, it’s Cast Away 2… We find Wilson in this one… Tom Hanks said, ‘I’m not doing it again.’ The weird thing is that I’m playing Tom Hanks’ cousin. I get stranded on the same island. Sounds like it’s far-fetched, but when you see it, it will make sense.”

The interviewer may have thought that Paul Rudd’s impromptu concept was over with that confusing, yet clever plot, but he took it one step further by focusing on Wilson’s involvement in the fake movie.

“Wilson comes back… The same Wilson.”

If you have are even slightly familiar with Cast Away, chances are you know just how far-fetched and unrealistic the concept of Cast Away 2 would be to the average moviegoer.

The 2000 Robert Zemeckis-directed film essentially had three stars: Oscar winners Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt, as well as a Wilson volleyball with fake blood on it in a supporting role.


Tom Hanks played Chuck Noland, a FedEx systems engineer that is absolutely obsessed with time. During an emergency trip to Malaysia, Noland’s plane gets stuck in a violent storms and crashes in the ocean. Hanks survives the crash and drifts to a deserted island where he is stranded for more than four years with nothing more than a collection of FedEx packages and Wilson — a volleyball with a blood-painted face.

Eventually, Noland does make it back home even though so much has changed in the time that he was gone. Wilson is literally lost at sea.

During the same interview, Paul Rudd got a chance to meet actor Tom Holland for the first time at the premiere as well. Holland, who plays Spider-Man for the first time in Captain America: Civil War, mentioned how great it was to meet Rudd and then unintentionally dropped a bomb of awkwardness with a simple comment about golfing.

The young actor apparently heard that Paul enjoyed golfing — a sport that he admitted moments later he is bad at and only played once. However, Paul Rudd managed to squash that awkward silence with witty humor once again while promoting the third Captain America film and his second appearance as Ant-Man on the big screen.

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