WWE Rumors: WWE Drops More Hints That ‘WarGames’ May Return Soon — Here Is When It Could Happen

One of the most brutal and iconic matches in the history of wrestling is “WarGames” which pits one, two, or three teams against one another in a double ring covered by a huge cage. It’s been almost two full decades since the last one happened in WCW, but fans have wanted it to come back and it just hasn’t happened. Well, rumors abound that its return is now possible, and WWE has just added a lot of fuel to that fire.

WWE bought WCW in 2001, and many hoped that some of the gimmicks and ideas that worked over there would stay in place. One of those things was WarGames, but it still has never come to be as WWE does already have Hell in a Cell and occasionally will bring back the Elimination Chamber.

Daily Wrestling News reported the other day that there is talk from WWE officials that WarGames could return later this year at a big event like SummerSlam or Survivor Series. There has been no official word on that, but it’s still quite early.

wwe rumors war games network the shield bullet club return summerslam survivor series

Even though there has been no word from WWE as far as confirmation, or even public whispers of War Games returning, they are dropping some interesting hints. WWE Network News is reporting that there are two new collections being added to the WWE Network very soon.

One of those collections is called Becoming The Rock and focuses on Dwayne Johnson morphing into the character of The Rock. The other one is what a lot of fans will be happy about and it is the WarGames Collection.

“Over the years, WarGames cemented its legacy as one of the most notorious, unpredictable, and innovative matches of all time. Two teams… Two Rings… And one punishing steel cage to contain all the action. This collection gathers every televised WarGames match in one place, and features iconic WCW Superstars like Sting, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, The nWo, The Road Warriors, and many more.”

Yes, the majority of the WarGames matches are already available on the WWE Network, but this is going to put all of them in one place. Now, they’ll be easily accessible and simple to find when a fan wants to watch them.

wwe rumors war games network the shield bullet club return summerslam survivor series collection

As for this year, SummerSlam is being held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, and there really isn’t enough room there for the double ring and cage. The location for Survivor Series has not yet been determined so that is still a possibility.

There is another possibility for WarGames and the groundwork could be laid at Payback on Sunday.

At the PPV, Vince McMahon is planning on making a big announcement regarding the control of Monday Night Raw, and who has it. It will be either Shane McMahon or Stephanie McMahon (The Authority), and that is where things get really interesting.

Rumor has it that this could lead to the WWE brand split returning with Shane in charge of Raw or SmackDown, while Stephanie would control the other show. If that is the case, it could end up with some brand warfare and one show wanting to battle the other.

Well, WWE is set to hold Battleground at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., on July 24. Not only is the Verizon Center‘s wrestling setup big enough for the double ring and cage, but the name of the PPV just fits in perfectly.

wwe rumors war games battleground raw smackdown

Vince McMahon could make his decision on Sunday, split things up as reported by Forbes, and then cause even more animosity between his kids. There would be two more pay-per-views and then Raw could battle SmackDown at Battleground near the end of July.

This would even likely be enough time for injured stars such as John Cena, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and others to return.

If WarGames is to return, it would have to be at one of the bigger pay-per-view events in the year or maybe have its own special on WWE Network. The thing is that WWE would need to have it in a place that is big enough to hold two rings side-by-side, and that may not be possible this year. Still, they could always add in a special event and it would surely sell out and be something that draws a lot of viewers to the WWE Network. Now, the rumors just have to come true and fans will rejoice.

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