Timothy Johnson: Man Accused Of Killing Woman, Buying Waffles With Her Card Before Having Sex With Her Corpse

On Friday, April 29, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office announced charges for a murder suspect identified as Timothy Johnson. The 25-year-old’s murder charges are reportedly in connection with the gruesome murder of Judith Therianos, a 52-year-old grandmother found in a wooded area along Highway 19 in Pasco County, Florida, earlier this month.

In addition to reports about his horrific actions, the circumstances surrounding Therianos’ death have been revealed and local authorities have reason to believe Timothy Johnson is, indeed, the man who murdered her. Johnson, was arrested on March 23, 10 days after Therianos’ death, after violating probation. While incarcerated, he told inmates he’d killed Therianos, although her body had not been find at the time.

According to Press Herald, Therianos was actually a Maine resident who had been visiting Florida for about a month. During her time there, she reportedly met Timothy Johnson. Although investigators are still working to determine the timeline of events that occurred prior to her death, police believe Johnson and Therianos met on the evening of March 13 and that she may have been killed while they were having sex. However, things didn’t end there.

According to the Daily Mail, investigative findings have revealed Therianos credit card was used around the time of her death. Johnson may have dined at a local Waffle House after murdering her. It has also been determined that he returned after visiting the restaurant so he could have intercourse with her corpse again. Police speculate this could have lasted for hours. Initially, Timothy Johnson attempted to lie about his acquaintance with Therianos, but later admitted they had met, drank together, and later had consensual sex that took a deadly turn.

On Friday, April 30, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office offered an update about the case during a news conference. Sheriff Chris Nocco gave an opinion of Johnson’s warped alleged actions.

“This is a pretty sick individual that would perform these acts on a deceased person,” Sheriff Nocco during a news conference on Friday, April 30.

Once Judith Therianos’ body was found and her identity was confirmed, her family posted a statement on the Facebook community page “Find Judi.” The family thanked the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and everyone who helped to locate her.

“We would like to extend our gratitude to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in the search, investigation, and subsequent arrest in the case of Judi Therianos,” it said. “We also want to express our heartfelt thanks to DEEMI and to all of the volunteers that assisted in the search from passing out fliers, to sharing the Find Judi Facebook page, to sending your thoughts and prayers. While this is not the outcome we had hoped for, we are grateful to have Justice for Judi. She will remain forever in our hearts.”

The bizarre circumstances surrounding Therianos’ death and the reportedly brutal nature of the cold-blooded murder have led investigators to look into the possibility of Johnson being involved in other missing persons’ cases. Timothy Johnson has been charged with premeditated murder and remains in custody at the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center. As of now, Johnson has only faced charges for the murder of Judith Therianos, but more charges could be added if he is linked to other murders.

[Image via Pasco County Sheriff’s Office]