WWE News: Jim Ross Offers Predictions For WWE Payback

After the news broke that Finn Balor will potentially make his WWE main roster debut at WWE Payback Sunday, the pay-per-view in Chicago, Illinois, immediately became more interesting. Take into account the location of the show, as well as who is in the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. AJ Styles is set to take on Roman Reigns. Technically, they are two babyface wrestlers looking to make a statement.

Styles’ friend from New Japan Pro Wrestling, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, already made a statement of their own by attacking Reigns and the Usos in the last few weeks on Monday Night Raw. While all that has taken place, Gallows and Anderson aren’t officially aligned with Styles, but all the signs point towards the New Japan reunion taking place.

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All three men were a part of the Bullet Club faction in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The ironic part is, both men kicked Styles out of the group when Kenny Omega took over. Eventually, Anderson and Gallows made their way to the WWE a few months after Styles. With WWE’s current booking style, they won’t reveal they are truly enemies until later on.

In this instance, “later” could mean Sunday at WWE Payback. That’s just one prediction for the underrated card, which is turning out to be a great show on paper. Jim Ross, WWE legend, offered his thoughts on who will win each match at WWE Payback this Sunday.

“Reigns over AJ in a match that will pleasantly surprise some naysayers. I expect some outside shenanigans to accompany this bout. I expect AJ to rock the house in his first WWE, PPV main event.”

“Charlotte squeaks out a quality win over Nattie and I assume that WWE will feel obligated to do one spot with Flair and the Hitman.”

“Ambrose over Jericho is what should be a really good, wrestling match. Whether some want to admit it or not, Ambrose losing to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania provided Dean’s TV persona a boost. I still find it head scratching that some fans are still up in arms as to why Ambrose did not defeat Lesnar at Wrestlemania Texas.”

Those were the main matches that JR predicted. He also had Sami Zayn winning in underdog fashion, Enzo Amore and Big Cass defeating the Vaudevillians to become the No.1 contender for the WWE Tag-Team championships, and the Miz retaining his Intercontinental championship with the help from his wife, Maryse.

Do you agree with Ross on his predictions? Owens winning the first of many matches with Zayn doesn’t make much sense. Zayn is an underdog, which means he should lose the first, or even first two matches, then win the third for a title or something meaningful. Enzo and Cass winning would provide a weird dynamic with the New Day.

How can two huge babyface tag teams go head-to-head for the Tag-Team titles? Devon Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley should interfere in this match and let the Vaudevillians reign victorious. The most interesting match of the night is still AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns. Reason being, there are infinite possibilities as to what can happen.

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First, let’s discuss the reports of Finn Balor appearing in favor of Styles. He is rumored to be there that night after dropping the belt to Samoa Joe at NXT Lowell last week. Does this guarantee his departure from WWE NXT? No, because he has a rematch with Joe for the NXT title. However, his duties with NXT are done until Takeover, or until the next set of tapings. He can, and probably will, do both.

If the WWE wants to pull the trigger on Finn Balor, Sunday night at WWE Payback is the right time to do so. It would elevate another star to the main roster, as well as give the fans something new. A lot of main roster fans don’t know who Balor is. Once they do, the Balor Club can begin and a new era in the WWE can finally begin.

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