Does Donald Trump Have Alzheimer’s? Questions About GOP Frontrunner’s Mental Fitness Arise

To refer to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump as crazy is certainly nothing new — many people are appalled by much of what Trump says. But perhaps there is something more substantial to that claim. Even beyond his extreme right-wing rhetoric, there seems to lurk something deeper, and some observers are beginning to wonder if Donald Trump suffers from Alzheimer’s. Perhaps, instead of shaking our collective heads at both the substance of what Trump says and the increasingly bizarre, often disjointed way he says it, concerns over whether or not Trump is actually mentally fit for the presidency should be addressed seriously.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, if two or more “core mental functions” seem impaired, that individual should seek medical help in order to get screened for possible dementia. Core mental functions include memory, communication and langue, ability to focus and pay attention, reasoning and judgment, and visual perception. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease go beyond memory loss. People suffering from Alzheimer’s have difficulty remembering newly learned information, are often disoriented, have mood and behavioral changes, an increasing sense of paranoia and suspicion, and a deepening confusion about events, time, and places.

Trump’s language is often disjointed. During the first debate, in August 2015, Trump said, “We need brain in this country to turn it around.” Of course, Trump’s sentiment was obvious — that he believes the United States needs more intelligence in the government — but it was an odd way to say it. And although it’s easy to dismiss Trump as being dumb, he did actually graduate from the prestigious Wharton with a degree in economics. He may have been the same aggressive, abrasive man back then as he is today, but one has to presume he was capable of speaking in complete, grammatical sentences.