Michael Strahan Planning Revenge Following Kelly Ripa ‘Live!’ Diss [Report]

Michael Strahan is allegedly plotting his revenge following Kelly Ripa’s highly publicized jab regarding his past divorces on Live! with Kelly and Michael on April 29.

According to a new report by Hollywood Life, Strahan was “blindsided” after Ripa brought up his two divorces while the they were live on air this week and is now supposedly ready to get down and dirty in an attempt to “get Kelly back” for her surprise remark.

“Michael was blindsided by the way Kelly talked about him being divorced and as much as it was a diss, it wasn’t something that bad till people started talking to Michael about it after the show,” a source close to Strahan alleged to the site.

The insider claimed that it was the media storm surrounding Kelly’s on-air slam that really riled Strahan up and caused him to reportedly tell friends “that he will get her back” for the live relationship remark.

“As far as he is concerned two can play that game!” the source told Hollywood Life.

While neither Kelly nor Michael have spoken out about the on-air tension that followed Ripa’s divorce jab, TMZ is also alleging that Strahan was left “blindsided” by Kelly’s mention of his past love life and reported that Michael sees Ripa’s attempts to put him on blast during the show as a “cheap shot.”

A number of sources close to Live! with Kelly and Michael‘s production admitted to the site that “Ripa’s intro to a segment about divorced couples was a total shock to Strahan” and the look on Michael’s face once Kelly brought up his divorces was “100 percent authentic.”

Michael Strahan Planning Revenge Following Kelly Ripa 'Live!' Diss [Report]

As viewers saw, the drama surrounding the morning show boiled over during the April 29 airing after Ripa introduced a segment about divorce by unexpectedly referencing Michael’s two failed marriages, including his 2006 divorce from Jean Muggli and his 1996 split from Wanda Hutchins.

“There’s a great article in the paper and I want to get your take on it, because I don’t have a take on it and I want yours,” Kelly Ripa said to Michael Strahan while filming Live! with Kelly and Michael this week, “You’ve gotten divorced, has anyone here gotten divorced?”

But while Hollywood Life is alleging that Michael is intent on hitting back at Kelly following her very public on-air diss, E! News is reporting that Strahan is actually looking to stay away from the drama and is simply looking to make it through the next two weeks until his says bye bye to the show for good on May 16.

Michael Strahan Planning Revenge Following Kelly Ripa 'Live!' Diss [Report]

“Michael’s priority is to the fans and the staff and he doesn’t get caught up in the nonsense,” a source close to Live! with Kelly and Michael production told the site following the live incident, noting that Strahan is “just focusing on getting through the next few weeks.”

Though Ripa and Strahan are yet to address Kelly’s remarks regarding Michael’s divorce, the two did make reference to the drama that’s surrounded the morning talk show since Michael announced he was leaving to join Good Morning America full-time last week, joking that they “made it” through the week before beginning the April 29 episode.

“Guys, we made it!” Kelly told the studio audience as she entered the studio with Michael according to People, before joking, “Calm down, we got through it. It’s the weekend! Oh, I love the weekend.”

What do you think of Kelly Ripa’s public reference to Michael Strahan’s past divorces on Live! with Kelly and Michael this week? Do you think Michael should hit back at Kelly or avoid the drama?

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