‘Tinder Social’ Feature Provokes Outrage On Social Media

Tinder is in the midst of releasing its newest feature, “Tinder Social,” reports Gizmodo, and social media users are accusing the new capabilities of simply being an easier way of coordinating group sex, in addition to other embarrassing side effects it will bring with it.

Essentially, “Tinder Social” allows users to view the profiles of all their Facebook friends on Tinder and easily enables users to invite their contacts along when going to meet someone found on the site.

That has “gangbang” written all over it, right? Well, Twitter users seem to think so.

In an official blog post, Tinder insisted that the new features were meant not necessarily for group dating, but as a way to meet cool new people while out with your existing circle of friends.

Tinder Social is a way to “take an average night out with your friends to the next level,” the site trumpets, not referencing sex directly but perhaps alluding to it in the same “coy” manner that The Independent notes is typical of Tinder’s descriptions of its own services.

Even though Tinder itself says its app is meant simply as a way to promote forming new friendships, even the most reputable of news sources agree that Tinder is generally thought of as a hookup enabler. It only stands to reason, then, that Tinder’s expansion that allows users to “form friendships” in larger groups is actually a way for users to hook up in larger groups.

The fact that Tinder Social is obviously an orgy-enabler is not the only problem people have with the new features, either. To be more specific, they do not like the fact that all of their friends on Tinder will be able to see they have a profile and look through it all they want.

Maybe someone is married and used to have a Tinder profile, but they don’t use it any more and neglected to delete it. Now their friends using Tinder will see their active Tinder profile and might assume the person is unfaithful, which would likely reflect negatively on the person in question.

Or maybe the person is still an active Tinder user, but the content shared on their Tinder profile (whether accurate or not) or the very fact that they are using Tinder is information they would prefer not to share with friends. Well, too bad, because there’s nowhere to hide thanks to Tinder Social.

Either way, social media users point out, dating app users appreciate privacy, and Tinder Social totally destroys the wall of privacy Tinder used to provide.

It may be because of the privacy issue that many group dating apps have already come and gone without making much of an impact, reports Vanity Fair. Grouper, Squad, and Entourage are just a few examples of ideas very similar to Tinder Social.

Despite all the negative factors working against Tinder Social, though, Tinder plans to roll out the feature set, which is currently in the midst of a field-test for Australian users only, to the rest of the world very soon, according to their blog.

What do you think of Tinder social? A handy new way to recruit new members to your wolf pack, or a definite debauchery aid? And do you think it can succeed, or will its privacy concerns drag it under? Leave your opinions in the comments.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Tinder]