Real Life Walter White Wanted By Alabama Police

Tuscaloosa, AL – Walter White, an Alabama man who happens to share the same name as Bryan Cranston’s character in Breaking Bad, is being sought by area police, according to The Associated Press. White was placed on probation in 2008 for making methamphetamine. In the aforementioned television program, Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher who begins making meth to support his family. That is kind of eerie.

Following his arrest on similar charges earlier this year, officials at the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office moved White to the top of their most wanted list. Tuscaloosa News reports that White violated his probation by possessing a “controlled substance, trafficking methamphetamine, possession of precursor materials and manufacturing a controlled substance.”

Created in 2008 by Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad follows the exploits of high school teacher-turned-methamphetamine cooker Walter White, a man who is dying of lung cancer. Since his day job isn’t going to provide financial support for his family upon his death, White decides to dabble in the illegal drug game. A wide array of crime-oriented adventures promptly ensue.

When Gilligan started developing the show, he knew he needed an actor that could make viewers feel sympathy for a character who isn’t a traditional hero.

“You’re going to see that underlying humanity, even when he’s making the most devious, terrible decisions, and you need someone who has that humanity – deep down, bedrock humanity – so you say, watching this show, ‘All right, I’ll go for this ride. I don’t like what he’s doing, but I understand, and I’ll go with it for as far as it goes.’ If you don’t have a guy who gives you that, despite the greatest acting chops in the world, the show is not going to succeed,” he explained to The Star-Ledger.

Breaking Bad is currently in its fifth and final season. As of this writing, the real life Walter White is currently on the run.