Iran On Israel: Existence An ‘Insult To All Humanity’

Iran’s take on Israel, that the Middle Eastern nation doesn’t deserve to exist, is raising fears that the tension between the nations is spiraling toward an inevitable conflict.

On Friday, Iran’s president called Israel’s existence “an insult to all humanity” in what is considered one of the sharpest attacks on the Jewish state to this point, the Associated Press reported. Israel has already escalated the delicate situation by openly questioning whether it should attack Iran over its growing nuclear program.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that his attack on Israel was an effort to “protect the dignity of all human beings.”

“The existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to all humanity,” Ahmadinejad said while addressing worshippers at Tehran University. The remarks were made as part of nationwide pro-Palestine rallies on the last day of the holy month of Ramadan, a day known as Jerusalem Day.

The harsh words of Iran on Israel are part of a growing conflict. Israel sees Iran as a major threat due to its growing nuclear and missile programs as well as its implicit support of ant-Israeli groups. For its part, Iran has denied trying to make nuclear weapons but that its nuclear program is peaceful and aimed at creating energy.

The world is watching to see if the remarks of Iran on Israel lead to any actual conflict. Iran has vowed that, if it is attacked by Israel, it will strike back against not only the Jewish state but also American interests in the region.

If Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric of Iran’s attacks on Israel are to be believed, this conflict might be inevitable. Ahmadinejad also said there is no place for Israel in the Middle East, Reuters reported.

“Today, confronting the existence of the fabricated Zionist regime is in fact protecting the rights and dignity of all human beings,” said Ahmadinejad, wearing the black and white scarf popular with Palestinians.

The harsh words of Iran on Israel echoed through the nation, with demonstrators in Tehran setting US and Israeli flags on fire and chanting “Death to the US” and “Death to Israel.”