Katy Perry Converting To Buddhism After Struggles Over Convent Purchase

Katy Perry could be giving up her religion. The former Christian singer is rumored to have an interest in Buddhism due to her blossoming relationship with Orlando Bloom.

The “Dark Horse” singer is considering converting to the religion, claims British tabloids. Katy Perry asked both her friends and her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, to join her along in some Buddhist sessions at Coachella earlier this month. According to a report, via The Mirror, Perry and Bloom have already started their own group that includes grunge rocker Courtney Love. The group regularly gets together to meditate and chant mantras of enlightenment.

Orlando is a practicing Nichiren Buddhist, while Katy grew up in a strict evangelical household. Sources revealed that Katy is so in love with Orlando that she’s considering converting over to the faith for him.

“Katy is very opened minded and loves trying new things. Orlando is very into Buddhism and has been encouraging her to practice. At Coachella, they gathered a group of people together and it was clear that Katy had practiced the verse before. It’s a very upbeat and positive practice so she really enjoys it. She has got so involved that she may even convert for good.”

But the pop star has always had a spiritual side to herself. Back in 2013, Katy Perry revealed to Marie Claire magazine that she practices meditation every morning. The kind she practices is “Transcendental Meditation,” which involves 15 to 20 minutes of both meditation and mantras.

”I start the day with transcendental meditation. It puts me in the best mood. I wake up and just prop myself up in bed for 20 minutes. It’s the only time my mind gets absolute rest. When I’m asleep, my subconscious mind is switched on and, when I’m awake, I’m alert.”

She revealed more details about her morning routine, including the vitamins she takes. Perry took to Twitter to post a photo of herself holding a large Ziploc bag of vitamins and supplements.

”Like everyone I have a four o’clock slump. I take vitamins after lunch and they give me an energy boost. I have iron, vitamins B, C, and D, and probiotics, which help with my digestion.”

Then in 2010, Katy Perry and ex-husband Russell Brand got married in a “private and spiritual” ceremony in northern India. Although the ceremony was conducted by a Christian minister, the ceremony was held outside the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary. Both Perry and Brand were dressed in traditional Indian garb.

Orlando Bloom first took on Buddhism back in 2004. In an interview, he explained his choice.

“The philosophy I’ve embraced isn’t about sitting under a tree and studying my navel, it’s about studying what is going on in my daily life and using that as fuel to live a bigger life.”

Despite Perry’s changing faith, she still has her eyes on a convent from The Archdiocese of Los Angeles. She was close to purchasing the property, but the nuns won’t grant Perry permission to buy it. They hit back saying that the news of a judge allowing Perry to purchase the convent was a “bogus ruling” that was based on a mistranslated Vatican decree.

The nuns argued that Katy’s lawyers mistranslated a document that was originally written in Latin. When and if the document is properly translated, Katy could lose out on the $14.5 million property located near Los Feliz. Mike Hennigan, an attorney for the Archdiocese, also released a statement on behalf of the five sisters.

“The translation was a proper, verified translation. This motion appears to be an effort to delay the Court’s finding that the Hollister transaction was invalid.”

Meanwhile, a representative for Perry said that the singer is feeling “confident in the judge’s ruling and do not believe that there are any grounds to support any change to the decision.”

A representative for the Vatican has not responded to the media for comment. It seems like this fight between Katy and the nuns will be ongoing. If the rumors are true about Katy converting over to Buddhism, then she may give up on her interest in purchasing the convent.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]