iTypewriter Makes Your New iPad Feel Awfully Old Fashioned

If you own an iPad but long for the good old days of typewriter document creation, you are in luck. The iTypewriter is a new fangled device that brings together the look and feel of typewriter keys with the Retina display of the New iPad.

Created by industrial designer Austin Yang, the iTypewriter allows users to place their iPad inside a special dock and then type out words on the typewriter inspired design. The device may look like an old typewriter, but the buttons pressed by users are displayed on the iPads brilliant display.

Sure, you could run out and purchase a bluetooth keyboard, but those devices don’t have the retro feel of the iTypewriter.

Users can still browse the internet with the help of the touchscreen, or they can simply open up a document and begin typing, freeing the constant need to use the touchscreen. I will pretty much buy any Apple product that keeps fingerprint smudged off my products.

Apple products are no stranger to customized retro devices; for example, there is the iPad Arcade Cabinet which literally gives users the ability to convert their iPad into a playable arcade console that looks and feels like you are playing the original PacMan or Space Invaders.

The market for such niche products is not infinite, but the iTypewriter may just have enough sentimental value to attract some buyers.

Here’s the iTypewriter in action:

[iframe src=”” width=”420″ height=”315″]

You can check out more of Austin Yang’s conceptualized work HERE.

The iTypewriter is not available for mass production at this time.

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