Is A ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Remake In The Works With Chris Hemsworth?

A Crocodile Dundee remake may be in the works, and fans of the original and its sequel might not be excited about this. Generally, there are a lot of reboots and remakes in theaters or heading there, and few of them are welcome or live up to the originals in the eyes of the fans.

One particular remake which was better received was Dredd, but it’s technically easy to get better acting from almost anyone compared to Sylvester Stallone and Rob Schneider. Another was The Incredible Hulk, which improved on the Eric Bana version by removing the ever-distracting multiple screens and focusing more on the story. Yet another was Get Smart, which was at least memorable after the repeated failed attempts at the idea when Don Adams was still alive.

The possible Crocodile Dundee remake could also be an improvement, as the original was rather slow-moving and depended a bit too much on Paul Hogan trying to act tough. Of course, that was the norm back in the 80s, an era when Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal were considered big draws.

Times have changed, and so have action movies. Some would say they’ve changed for the worse, though we still get some “dumb fun” films like Crank, The Expendables, and Hardcore Henry, and revenge films like Django Unchained and John Wick. Mad Max: Fury Road was also proof that action movies can be made for more discerning audiences, winning several Academy Awards, among others.

If a Crocodile Dundee remake is in the works, fans can only hope that the rumored lead, Chris Hemsworth (Thor, In the Heart of the Sea), will follow the lead of today’s better action films.

Sadly, Chris Hemsworth is also coming straight from playing the female-led Paul Feig remake of Ghostbusters, a film which has been slammed as being unnecessary before it’s even hit theaters. Going from playing a dim-witted secretary to playing an Australian powerhouse who wrestles gators for fun might require more range than we’ve seen so far.

Hemsworth isn’t known for his range of acting, but again neither was Paul Hogan.

Australian officials have expressed their acceptance at the possibility, under the right conditions. Kakadu Tourism chair Rick Allert says it’s the right time to consider a Crocodile Dundee remake.

The director of the original is also open to the idea, but more as a potential next-generation follow-up. Peter Faiman says Chris Hemsworth might be better playing the character’s son, leaving the original canon intact.

“I don’t think there’s any plans from (producer) John Cornell or from Paul (Hogan) to make another one but who knows, somebody else might come along and do it. It’s a matter of striking a chord, and that movie came along at just the right time. It was shot in the right place and had a great character, and a great team of people putting it together in a really timely fashion.”


Considering the fact that Mad Max creator George Miller needed to move production of Fury Road to Africa to maintain the practical look of the film, Australia might just be looking for something to bring the industry back to them. The film is still fictionally set in Australia, but Miller’s chosen location was overgrown with greenery and forced him to look elsewhere.

If the Crocodile Dundee remake does happen with Chris Hemsworth, the chances are that the team from the original films won’t be involved. The question remains at that point whether or not the film is worth making, and will it be an improvement?

Very little is known for now, but it’s a possibility.

[Image via Crocodile Dundee/Paramount Pictures]