‘The Young And The Restless’: Sharon Hides Sully’s True Identity –Will Sharon Keep The Secret For Years Or Will The Guilt Prompt Her To Fess Up?

The Young and the Restless killed off another character on Friday’s episode. Sage Warner came to Genoa City to help Adam Newman reinvent his life after assuming the identity of Gabriel Bingham. In the past two years, Sage divorced Adam, married Nick and thought her newborn son died. As it turns out Christian didn’t die, he was kidnapped, and handed over to Sharon. Sage uncovered the truth about her son, Christian’s “death” and wanted to make sure her son was returned to her. It turns out that she will never get that chance because she was pronounced dead on Friday’s show.

The Young and the Restless spoilers revealed that Sage asked Sharon to promise to tell Nick the truth about Sully’s real identity. Sharon somewhat agreed, but it was just to pacify Sage. It looked like Sharon was trying to get Sage to stop talking, and to save her strength. Sharon was incredibly nervous that Sage was going to ruin her happiness, and break Dylan’s heart.

Soap Central reveals that Sharon will keep quiet about what Sage told her, and she will claim she doesn’t know anything about the accident other than noticing from afar that it was Sage’s car involved in the collision. Paul found it strange, and her behavior afterwards reeked of guilt. Even so, at this point, no one suspects that Sharon did anything wrong (she hasn’t yet, technically) but, it looks like she will ultimately decide to keep the secret, and not reveal Sully’s true identity.

In 2013, Sharon Case [the actress who plays Sharon McAvoy] sat down with Michael Fairman to talk about her role on The Young and the Restless. Sharon explained that she would switch Summer’s paternity results, and it would be something that she lives to regret. Case revealed that she wanted the storyline to go a different way, but the writing team had another vision. She had hoped they would keep the paternity a secret for years, maybe 20 or more years, and then reveal that Summer’s father was really Nick.

“I love how Josh decided to address this secret about the paternity test, yet he put a twist on it, so it still remained unknown, or set wrong, or somebody does not know the truth. But, it’s really only great if you are going to leave it like that for years, just like it was like that for years before. So, that the same game is always in play. How hilarious and wild would it be for it to go on for years that the audience knows that Sharon switched the test, and the audience knows who Summer’s father is, but no one, not Nick, or anyone else in Genoa City, knows except for Sharon? I think that’s a great long-term secret, and one day it can be addressed and come out, and we could re-test the paternity, and then maybe the truth is then… it is Jack’s! There is no reason to resolve or end it, because I think it’s fun to see what happens.”

Now, that brings us to the current The Young and the Restless storyline. Is it possible that Sharon will keep Sully’s real identity a secret for years? What if Dylan raises Sully believing that he is his son, only to discover years later that he is not his son, but Nick or Adam’s child? It would be an emotional storyline with so many layers of impact. It isn’t known yet how they plan to unfold the storyline. It looks like they plan to keep it a secret, for now.

The Young and the Restless spoilers have not given any clue how Sharon intends to deal with the news that Sully’s isn’t her child. If she tells Dylan about Sully’s real identity, she will have to admit to him that she had a miscarriage, and was never pregnant. It will be hard for Dylan to understand how something like this could happen. It was easier for Sharon to go on with the lie, but what about Christian’s real father? Of course, we know the father is Adam, but Sharon believes Nick is the father. It seems like Sharon would feel bad about lying to Nick about yet another child’s paternity? When it all comes out (eventually), it’s going to be extremely messy for poor Sharon McAvoy.

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