Kobe Bryant’s Wife Denies Getting Plastic Surgery To Keep Kobe Happy

Kobe Bryant’s wife might be getting some heat for Twitter comments that she wouldn’t marry someone who can’t win rings, but apparently her grip on husband Kobe isn’t all that tight. Vanessa Bryant denied that she underwent plastic surgery after some reports said she sought cosmetic help keep Kobe from wandering.

Vanessa Bryant’s representatives blasted the report as “100 percent not true” and “ridiculous,” the Daily Mail reported. The rumors were fueled by Vanessa Bryant’s appearance at the 2012 London Olympics, where she looked different than previous outings, leading many to believe that plastic surgery was behind the transformation.

Those rumors were fueled by reports from the National Enquirer in which an unnamed source said that Kobe Bryant’s wife felt insecure and wanted to take any measure she could to keep Kobe happy.

The changes were obvious. Her hair once had blonde highlights but now appeared raven black, and then there was the kicker — her skin tone, lips, brow and the tip of her nose all looked like they had work done. Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon, confirmed to the National Enquirer that it appeared Kobe Bryant’s wife had some work done.

It might be telling that Vanessa Bryant may not have exactly denied having plastic surgery — just that she didn’t do it to keep Kobe on a leash. In any respect, the denial won’t do much to quell rumors that Kobe has been straying from his wife. When Kobe Bryant’s wife filed for divorce late in 2011 there were reports that he had affairs with multiple women, Fox News Latino reported.

Just in the last month more cheating rumors emerged to sting Kobe Bryant’s wife, this time claiming Kobe was stepping out on her with Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice. The swimmer has denied the rumors, saying the two were just friends.