Rihanna Registers Three New Songs Amid 'Anti Part 2' Rumors: 'Needed Me' Singer To Release Another Album?

Rihanna may be busy working on new music since releasing her highly anticipated Anti album in January, with new collaborative tracks "This Is What You Came For" and "Too Good" having dropped earlier today, but is Rihanna already gearing up for another album release in 2016? According to new rumors, it appears that an Anti-follow-up album may be on its way.

Rumors of a new album from Rihanna began earlier this week after producer Cardo, who has worked with artists like Wiz Khalifa and Kendrick Lamar, hinted to Complex that Rihanna may have "another Anti" in store for eager fans.

"There's so many records we've been working on that's about to come out," Cardo explained of his upcoming music releases. "I can't say anything beyond that, but we got a record with Rihanna. That's all I can say. I can't say anything more, but there's a Rihanna and Cardo record."

Rihanna rumored to release a follow-up record to
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When asked if Rihanna will serve as a feature on their upcoming collaboration, Cardo further explains, "No, no, it's her song. It was for Anti, but there's another Anti. I don't know if it's official, but I know we have a record."

While Rihanna has yet to comment on the new album speculation, one observant fan pointed out that Rihanna may have already hinted at the possibility of an Anti-follow-up in her promotional "ANTIdiaRy" campaign with Samsung.

"IN OTHER NEWS ANTI PART 2 IS COMING," the fan explained in their post alongside a collage of cryptic promotional posters from Rihanna's "ANTIdiaRy" campaign, which read, "The story isn't over yet," "There are two sides to every dream," and "All you see is not all there is."

In addition, Rihanna seemingly fueled the Anti-follow-up rumors after she reportedly registered three new tracks titled "Lock and Key," "Body Language," and "Joyride" on BPI earlier this week, prompting fans to dub the rumored album as Anti Part 2 on social media.


While fans were quick to show their excitement over the Anti Part 2 rumors on Twitter, news of Rihanna's registered "Joyride" track was met with criticism from Tinashe fans who pointed out that the song in question was originally intended to serve as the title track for Tinashe's upcoming album.

According to Pop Crush, Tinashe seemingly confirmed fans' speculation regarding the loss of "Joyride" after she revealed to a fan via direct message on Twitter that the title track had been "given to Rihanna."

"The song was given to Rihanna," Tinashe began in response to the "Joyride" rumors. "They took out all of my parts. S*** happens I guess!"

Similarly, Zara Larsson fans also criticized Rihanna for her feature on Calvin Harris' new song "This Is What You Came For" after Larsson revealed via Twitter that she had previously recorded a demo for the track prior to Rihanna and Calvin Harris' collaborative release.

"@zaralarsson did you listen to #ThisIsWhatYouCameFor sweetie?" one fan asked of Zara on Twitter, prompting the songstress to reply, "@RihOnTheBrain with Calvin Harris? Haha yeah I recorded a demo in that song. I love it."

When the fan responded to Larsson's claim by noting that Rihanna ultimately "recorded and released it" with Harris, Zara replied with a curt, "I know."

Do you think Rihanna will release an Anti Part 2 album this year? What are your thoughts on Rihanna's new collaborations with Drake and Calvin Harris?

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