Two Planes Make Emergency Landings At Philadelphia International Airport [Breaking]

Air traffic at Philadelphia International Airport was grounded this morning, as two planes were forced to make emergency landings.

The first sign of trouble came from the Airport’s twitter page.

Travelers were, understandably, concerned.

As SKYFOX reports, however, this was no ordinary delay. Air traffic had been grounded to allow not one, but two planes to make emergency landings. The first plane reported steering problems. The second, alarmingly, had experienced smoke in the cockpit. According to ABC News, the second plane contained 54 passengers and landed safely. The travelers were evacuated, and one was transported for medical evaluation. Yet another passenger tweeted a photo of himself wearing a mask outside of the American Eagle jet.

As of this publication, one runway has been reopened, and flights have resumed. News crews are en route. We will update this article as more information becomes available.

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