‘Sources Close To One Direction’ — Who Are These People?

One Direction have been the subject of some bizarre stories over the years. Many of these were attributed to anonymous “sources.”

Wikitp reports that “each tabloid writer maintains an army of sources, including security guards, hair stylists, personal drivers, and even police officers who will call the writer whenever they have new information on a celebrity.”

Who could these One Direction insiders be? Here are some thoughts.

Hairdressers other than Lottie and Lou

Lou and Lottie seem super-loyal and would surely not gossip to reporters, especially because — hello — Lottie is Louis’ sister!

But what about when the pastel-haired hairdressers have a day off? One Direction will need to create an opening in their tight-knit team on such occasions.

Hopefully Modest demand that these short-term contractors sign a confidentiality agreement, because the temptation to keep making money by selling scoops about Niall’s flirtatiousness or Liam’s terse phone calls with Cheryl is probably very great!

Kris Jenner’s PR team

Kardashian watchers have noted with amusement that stories about the sisters fighting always hit the press twice — first when the “fight” (probably staged) is filmed for the show, and a second time when it airs on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

This suggests that Kris Jenner’s PR people are keeping busy, phoning tabloids left, right, and center. When Harry Styles hooked up with Kendall Jenner, some One Direction fans were horrified to see details as intimate as Kendall sleeping in Harry’s t-shirt hitting the press. Many wondered if Harry was right to allow himself to be drawn into the orbit of the Kardashians, one of Hollywood’s most notorious PR juggernauts.

Members of the Jungwirth family

Briana Jungwirth’s cousin Ashley is officially speaking to the press, recently giving an interview to Now magazine.

This raises the question — how many other interviews have the family given anonymously?

The security guard they fired

Daily Mail reports that One Direction employ “a security team bigger than President Obama’s”

Mirror reported about a security guard who spilled details about the One Direction guys, and this guy said pretty much only nice things! We bet there are others who are responsible for some of the not-so-nice stories, though.

One Direction

Ex-flings and nightclub hangers-on trying to become famous

This one is pretty obvious. What better way to grab yourself a few minutes of fame than to speak to the press about Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry or Zayn?

If these people aren’t interested in fame, they might be interested in cash. Some reporters offer payouts for interesting or scandalous scoops.

People who work for Simon Cowell

Many One Direction fans believe that Simon Cowell basically controls the British press. In fact, one of Cowell’s people is married to a senior editor at the Sun tabloid.

People hanging around Harry Styles and his group of millions and millions of friends

Harry Styles has a huge group of friends scattered all around the world, particularly in the journalist-filled cities of London and LA.

When you have lots of friends you will inevitably have even more friends-of-friends, and friends-of-friends-of-friends, and so forth.

How many of these people have rung Hollywood Life or TMZ at some point with a bit of second- or third-hand Harry Styles gossip? Probably a few.

Now reports that Harry actually has so many friends that Nick Grimshaw came forward saying that being Harry Styles’ friend will not get you a job, contrary to what people say.

“Nobody gives you a job because you know Harry Styles; loads of people know him.”

One Direction by Carlos Alvarez c

Those hot young female assistants they apparently all had for a while

Mirror reported in 2013 that the members of One Direction all hired themselves a hot young female assistant in the lead up to a world tour, presumably because the boys had extra errands to attend to at the time.

Sony and mentor Simon Cowell allowed them to interview and appoint their own choices. No surprise that they’ve all plumped for [hot young] females.

What ever happened to these ladies?

Perhaps they got booted from their contracts when Take Me Home wound up and spent the next couple of years reliving their glory days, calling up Perez Hilton with scoops about Harry’s healthy tour diet or Louis’ habit of walking around in just a towel.

Tomlinson family members in cahoots with Louis Tomlinson’s dad

Louis Tominson’s estranged dad seems to know all about the power of a scandalous scoop. The troubled Tommo senior (whose name is actually Troy Austin — Louis took his first stepfather’s name when he was little) was threatening to drop some kind of “bombshell” to the press last year, according to the Daily Mail.

The scandal soon died down, and Troy was never heard from again.

Did Louis let his father back in his life, as Troy was demanding? Or is the bitter One Direction dad and/or the whole Austin side of Louis’ family still stewing somewhere, taking out their frustration by calling the occasional gossipy tidbit into the tabloids?

Anonymous haters who just call tabloids randomly

TMZ has their own hotline just for this.

This is a dangerous and unfair practice, really — when you are as famous as One Direction, there will inevitably be a lot of people jealously hating on you.

Giving these people a phone number where they can drop information – anonymously, if they wish – is really like giving them a blank check for mayhem. It wouldn’t be a surprise if a lot of the negative stories One Direction fans hate were actually fabricated by haters of some kind.

Bonnie Fuller’s contacts at major organizations

Bonnie Fuller of Hollywood Life started her career with the notorious National Inquirer, which once ran the headline “Bigfoot Kept Lumberjack As Love Slave.”

Bonnie no doubt held onto the her stable of event organizer, venue owner and media exec contacts after she started Hollywood Life. New York-based Bonnie knows many people in entertainment and probably gets a call from them after they cross paths with the 1D boys.

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