Katy Perry, John Mayer Fuel Dating Rumors At Hollywood Pool Party [Photo]

Are Katy Perry and John Mayer dating? Depends on who you ask, but that doesn’t change the fact that the two have been spending an awful lot of time together. Most recently, they were spotted canoodling at a Hollywood Hills pool party, causing one witness to say the two were acting “like they were on a honeymoon.”

The pair have been spotted stepping out together regularly lately, with one report alleging that they even had a sleepover several days ago. The two were seen still enjoying each other’s company at a friend’s pool party in the Hollywood Hills recently, with 27-year-old Perry strutting confidently in a sexy two-piece while alleged-beau Mayer shot her a couple of admiring glances.

“There was major chemistry between them. He was looking down her bikini top, and they were French kissing really passionately. It was like they were on a honeymoon!” said one source, according to EntertainmentWise. The source continued:

“John and Katy were all over each other. They were holding hands and kissing the entire time. Even in the pool, they stuck together nonstop.”

Though it looks like Perry has definitely moved on from ex-hubs Russell Brand, trading one bad boy for another reportedly has some of Perry’s friends worried. “Katy’s inner circle was anti-Russell and thought she’d learned her lesson about bad boys,” a friend said. “They flipped out after hearing she’s crazy about John — they think he’s far worse than Russell!”

Though Mayer has reportedly promised to change his ways for a shot at Perry, he is a pretty infamous lothario, so a straight-up conversion isn’t an easy sell. “Maybe he’s a changed man, but Katy likes bad boys,” a source speculated of the two. “I can’t imagine John’s changed that much.”

Mayer (left) and Perry (right)

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