Sea Serpent Spotted In Norway Lake

Just a few days after the Loch Ness monster popped his head up in Scotland another mysterious creature has emerged. A sea serpent was recently spotted by three men in Lake Hornindalsvatnet.

And this isn’t just any old sea serpent. According to Ghost Theory, the Serpent of Hornindalsvatnet has been swimming in the waters of Hornindal, Norway since the 1700s. Sure, Nelly the Loch Ness monster may get all of the attention but the Serpent of Hornindalsvatnet is nothing to laugh at.

One of the witnesses, Andreas Solvik, said:

“We saw what we saw, no doubt about it…. I have lived beside the lake for 50 years, and have spent a fair amount of hours on the lake. I have never seen anything like this before.”

Solvik, who saw the sea serpent with his buddies Finn Nyhammer and Arvid Otterdal, gives a detailed account to Unfortunately, it’s in Norwegian. So here’s a brief translation with a little help from Google Translate.

Solvik says:

“We stopped, and then we saw that there was something that slithered westward… Then it was gone. We sped up and went over to where it had been. It was maybe 70 meters away. But when we got there there was nothing left to see, only small ripples in the water. There wasn’t anything floating in the water…. But when we looked at the photographs we were convinced that this had to be the sea serpent that people have been talking about.”

Here’s a photo of the sea serpent.

serpent of hornindalsvatnet

Is this the Serpent of Hornindalsvatnet?