Balthazar Getty's Wife Won't File for Divorce

There's lots of good relationship-related gossip going on today! The latest buzz is that Rosetta Getty, wife of Balthazar Getty (of "Topless Sienna and Balthazar Have Torrid Love Affair" infamy), will not be filing for divorce. It turns out the not only is Balthazar a cheat, but his own family has sided with his wife after the Sienna drama. He's also not as rich as we thought. TMZ had the latest:

"We're told Rosetta doesn't want to declare the marriage over, which would allow him to separate future earnings from her. She's the one raising their four kids and she feels she's more financially secure if she doesn't file for divorce. And there's one more big thing. We're told the Getty family is so appalled at Balthazar's affair with Sienna Miller, they are supporting her — in more ways than one. So why rock the boat?"

Yes, why indeed? Sienna's getting hounded by paps, Balthazar might get killed off on "Brothers Sisters": is Rosetta having the last laugh?

Image: WireImage