Florida Parents Arrested For Making Children Live In Filth: Mom Is A Professional Cleaner [Video]

Fort Pierce, FL – Police officers removed two children from a home and arrested the parents on two counts of child neglect charges each after following up an a report of a foul stench coming from the house by neighbors. Florida police officers were barely able to walk through the home due to the amount of trash and rotting food on the floor.

The mother is employed as a cleaner at the local courthouse but told law enforcement officers that, while she attempted to straighten up the filthy house, she finds it “hard and overwhelming,” the Daily Mail notes.

The two children living in the Fort Pierce home with their parents Robin and Ronald Teller were surrounded by stained clothing, bare mattresses with brown stains, swarms of insets, and rotting food both on the stove and inside the refrigerator.

The front yard of the home was filled with trash bags, cups full of an unknown liquid, and even a eight-inch knife hiding in the tall grass near the children’s toys. The only part of the home which appeared clean was the toilet, which sparkled in contrast to the living conditions in the rest of the Teller home.

Florida Department of Children and Families visited the home after the initial foul odor complaint and then returned with Fort Pierce police officers. The reportedly deplorable conditions inside the home also included dirty animal cages, unwashed cooking utensils, and opened packages of molding food. Fort Pierce police officers did not find any edible food in the home.

During the police interview, Ronald Teller admitted that he knew the home was covered in bugs and dirty, but blames his wife for the unsanitary household conditions. According to arrest report excerpts aired by WPTV, Robin Teller allegedly got angry with her husband when he attempted to clean the house. Robin and Ronald Teller were released after being held in the St. Lucie County Jail on $7,500 bond. The Teller children were placed in the temporary custody of a relative.

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