Miami Heat Snubbing Chris Bosh? What Is Really Going On With Bosh’s Time Out

Miami Heat Power Forward Chris Bosh has recently taken up a campaign to get himself back on the court, but the Heat are once again, for unknown reasons, denying Bosh’s wish to return. Are the repeated refusals to reactivate Bosh really medically based, or does Miami have a deeper reason for not readmitting one of its star players?

What makes it seem like the Heat’s withholding of Chris Bosh is more than just a safety precaution is that, even though Bosh has publicly claimed he feels great and is suffering from no maladies, says ESPN, Miami is still making it clear that they will not authorize his return to the court, saying that Bosh “is not ready” and that he is sidelined “indefinitely.”

Miami is also remaining almost totally quiet regarding the debacle. When team reps are asked about Bosh and his condition, they usually shut down the questioning immediately. The silence is odd, considering that so many Miami Heat fans are clamoring to have Bosh back.

The popular demand for Chris’s readdition to the Heat has been reignited in the past few days by the #BringBackBosh hashtag. UPI reports #BringBackBosh was started by Chris’s wife, Adrienne Bosh, on Monday night and has been trending across social media since.

Another reason fans want Chris back so badly, notes Fansided, is that Miami needs the powerful advantage Bosh could bring with his return right now more than ever. The Heat are currently battling in the first round of the playoffs against the Charlotte Hornets, and they are down a game to Charlotte in the best-of-seven series. Miami needs two straight wins to keep their championship hopes alive. Bosh is arguably the team’s best player when he is well, so letting him back on the court would certainly up the Heat’s playoff performance from a strategic point of view.

As Miami Heat fans may be aware, Bosh had to leave the game last season because he developed blood clots that made it unsafe for him to play. He was put on blood-thinning medication, which also hindered his on-court abilities and ended his season.

Bosh began the 2015-2016 season and was performing up to his typically high standards, but he was taken out of the Heat’s lineup after the NBA All-Star Game in mid-February due to “unspecified medical reasons,” reports ESPN.

In March, Bosh released a statement saying he was feeling better and was in good shape. He even said he was “positive” he would be able to return to the Miami Heat during the 2015-2016 season.

It is possible that the Miami Heat will shock NBA fans by bringing Bosh back for their (possibly) last playoff game, but as CBS Sports points out, it is highly unlikely.

Whether he comes back during the playoffs or not, though, one thing is for certain: Chris Bosh is eager to lace up and start stroking the net again. Contrary to recent rumors flying around about the 31 year-old Bosh’s retirement at the end of this year, he himself told ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols that he still has at least a few more good years left in his NBA career.

“I can’t take this talent at 32 years old and say, ‘Ah well, I’m going to be a clerk in a board room now.’ That doesn’t make any sense. I can play this game. I still can. I have plenty of more years to do that at a high level. This is what I’m supposed to be doing.”

The Miami Heat’s next game against the Charlotte Hornets, in which they could either even the series at 3-3 or be knocked out of the playoffs, will take place tomorrow night at in Charlotte. The exact time of tip-off is still to be decided.

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