Miami Heat Rumors: Chris Bosh Retirement Addressed By Heat All-Star

Miami Heat rumors about a Chris Bosh retirement have reportedly been addressed. These Heat rumors about Bosh have persisted since it was revealed that he was going through some health issues. A report from the Miami Herald now states that associates of Bosh have revealed what he plans to do in regard to his future with the Heat.

The short answer to the situation is that neither the Miami Heat nor Chris Bosh has addressed the media about what the short-term or long-term plans are in this situation. Bosh hasn’t been on the court for the Heat since Feb. 9, after it was reported that he was going through blood clotting in his leg again. This led to many questions about whether he could play for the Heat again in the 2015-16 NBA season. None of those questions were ever directly answered by the organization, with very little information released to the media about what is transpiring.

If the newest rumors reported by the Miami Herald are to be believed, then Chris Bosh will not be retiring from the NBA this offseason. The Heat still owe Bosh nearly $76 million over the next three NBA seasons, giving him every incentive to try to make it back on the court. His salary is also completely guaranteed, whether he ever appears in another game or not. The Heat could certainly pursue a buyout, but that point in the timeline hasn’t arrived yet.

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There are additional Miami Heat rumors about whether the team would even allow Bosh to play again this season. The front office may keep him out, even if an outside doctor has given the green light for Bosh to be active again. While Bosh may want to get back on the court as quickly as possible, especially since the team needs him during the playoffs, the decision may not rest with him or his doctors. Especially when some of those doctors feel Bosh is better served by remaining on blood thinners for several additional months.

The Miami Heat are playing the Charlotte Hornets in the first round of the 2016 NBA Playoffs. After the Hornets won Game 3 on April 23, there was an immediate reaction on social media about how much Miami needs Bosh back on the court. While the team still holds a 2-1 advantage in the race to win four games, the No. 3 seeded Heat could certainly use the boost that Bosh might possibly provide. It seems highly unlikely that it is going to happen, though, even if the Hornets push the Heat to the brink of elimination.

Should Miami advance to the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs, the team will take on the series winner of the Toronto Raptors vs. Indiana Pacers. That series is tied 2-2, with the No. 7 Pacers giving the No. 2 Raptors everything they can handle. If the Pacers pull off the upset and Miami advances, then the Heat would receive home court advantage in the second round. That’s a big deal in the playoffs, especially since it would mean that the first two games of the series would take place in Florida rather than Canada.

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The situation with Chris Bosh may not get addressed by the team until some point in the NBA offseason. That will give analysts and fans a lot of additional time to debate how much the team might need him and how it affected the 2016 NBA Playoffs. It will also lead to additional Miami Heat rumors about how the team will approach the coming offseason, how the team will deal with the pending free agency of Dwyane Wade and Hassan Whiteside, and if the situation with Bosh affects other players signing with the team.

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